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In art line is one of the pictorial elements. Line is a stroke or mark long in proportion to its width, made with a pen, a tool, etc. upon a surface. Lines by themselves are independent, abstract marks, that become meaningful in combination and in terms of the convention. Line can be more than merely outline, it can express mass, movement and rythm.

Line in sculpture refer to linear effects such as edges and highlines that may be evident in sculpture. The linear forms of drapery and costume are part of the three-dimensional structure of sculpture and are integrated into volume. Linear forms of drapery, costume or jewellery can be used to enhance or diminish the impression of the three-dimensionality of the volumes which are overlaid. In Greek sculpture, lines describing surfaces correspond to the interior lines used by draughtsmen to explain the movement and changes of direction of surfaces on the two-dimensional plane of a drawing, and are called "modelling lines".

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