original oil paintings by south african artist

South African Art Exhibition at Fried Contemporary Art Gallery & Studio

art exhibition in south africa

Dear friend of Fried

You are invited to an exciting exhibition consisting of paintings by artists André Naudé and Sandra Hanekom based on the notion of location

In the exhibition the artists focus on the word 'LOCATION' as in demarcating a site-specific area, neighbourhood or vicinity. They use the traditional landscape genre as a vehicle to denote familiar or unknown surroundings. In the process of painting the artists fabricate the non-specific as in places or seats of power, tragedy, nostalgia or contemporary Arcadian sites.

The artists attempt to capture tension between the geographical lay-out of land and the sometimes accidental or non-functional structures which punctuate it.

They loosely reference the word as associated with areas inhabited by migrant workers from our recent past. Irony and paradox are referenced in the term “shot on location” often used in the film industry.


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