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Suzy McNeill - Canadian Artist, Polymer Clay

Suzy McNeill canadian artist

Suzy McNeill canadian artist

Suzy McNeill canadian artist

Suzy McNeill

Media - Polymer Clay
Email - curiouscreations@sympatico.ca
Website - http://www.curiouscreations.ca

"Tiny Giggles" polymer clay collectible penguin miniatures & other treasures by Canadian Artist Suzy McNeil. Unique gifts and keepsakes for all occasions. Custom work available.

Born in Manchester, England in 1964, Suzy McNeil immigrated to Canada in 1970 with her parents. She grew up in St. Jacobs, a small town in southern Ontario.

Now happily married & a mother of three, much of her days are spent either in her studio or caring for her youngest child with Autism. Suzy & her husband Rod also own & operate a Karaoke/DJ business. She is an award- winning vocalist & still performs as a soloist when time allows.

Art in many forms has always been a passionate outlet in her life & food for her soul. She is happiest when working on a new creation. Several years back Suzy discovered polymer clay, and began modifying a character she had worked on a few years ago. These collectibles were a big hit... & that was the birth of "Tiny Giggles".

Since then these little characters have travelled as far as Australia, South Korea, Florida, South Africa & Alberta, Canada. Two of her "Happy Campers" have even hiked through the Himalayas!

Fascinated with the versatility of polymer clay, she delights in learning new techniques... there is no stopping her now! Along with her humourous sculptures, Suzy has taken the adaptibility of polymer clay a step further by producing commissioned pieces, mirrors, abstracts & jewellery.

Who knows what direction her art will take her next, but the joy for Suzy lies in the creative process!

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