original oil paintings by south african artist

Julia Rosa Clark
5 April - 24 April 2007
I tried to stare into the bright light. The voice said 'this is your future, all you need to do is give up everything you know and this will be yours'. I trembled. I wanted to do as the voice said -just to get rid of it- but I knew it would be impossible for me to quit. All I could do was wait for the end.
In this room-sized installation, Clark romanticises and bemoans our millennial obsession with The End, nasty weather, happiness and Modernity. Using her usual mixture of found and reconstituted bits and pieces, the work acts as an evolving diagram, in part illustrating the artist's desire to understand the moment between denial and surrender.
There will also be a number of email based text pieces leading up to the show. This attachment (Prelude) is the first one.
Show will be open to the public on 4 April from 5pm - 10 pm as part of X-Cape.

João Ferreira Gallery 
70 Loop Street  Cape Town  8001  South Africa
t: +27 21 4235403  f:+27 21 4232136

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