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South African Art Exhibition at Artspace Fine Art Gallery Johannesburg

south african art exhibition

Artspace Fine Art Gallery Johannesburg is proud to present Bicycle, an exhibition by Robertus van der Wege, Johan Botha and Maja Maljevic. In Bicycle, these three artists explore the theme of bicycles in their own intrinsically unique ways.

Bicycles are the world’s foremost means of transport. They do not cost much to acquire and do not cost much to maintain. They do not require fuel, which means those without money can still afford to acquire them. More people use bicycles than any other mode of transport in the world.

American born Robertus van der Wege uses this as the starting point for his bicycle sculptures. Van der Wege, who has just moved to South Africa, noticed how many people use bicycles there as opposed to South Africa. First of all, it is safe to use bicycles there, but that culture is more environmentally aware than our culture. This environmental concern is the main focus of Van der Wege’s work. His bicycles exist, either on their own or become somehow incorporated into nature, although always remaining something other: always something man-made. Van de Wege uses the bicycle as a symbol for humanity; the object that lives in and around nature.

Johan Botha expresses how he has found the idea of the canvas constricting. Fascinated with the narrative, he finds telling his story in the frame of one canvas limited. Therefore in Bicycle, Botha employs the graphic novel format in his paintings. Each work is separated into a number of frames in the graphic novel tradition of drawing. Each work too employs a different painting technique befitting each storyline. Botha says that the painting is fueled by the story, which is fundamentally the focus of his paintings.

Belgrade born Maja Maljevic paints in a similar way, although her paintings are not fueled by a preconceived narrative. The painting depicts the narrative. Her painting is intuitive and the shift between the painting techniques she employs in each frame has become a signature of Maljevic. She oscillates between the formal and what is purely abstract in one frame. From tight painting to a freer brush mark to the found object, her canvases are pure expression.

The profound difference between the works of these three artists makes this an extremely adventurous and exciting exhibition. The show flows from the wall, onto the floor and into the garden, moving it beyond the gallery space, and like the work of these artists, beyond the frame.

Opening : Saturday 14 July 2007 at  5pm

Brenden Gray will deliver an opening address.  Also watch the press for details about a discussion around the work on Saturday 21 July. 

 If you wish to interview, profile or contact the artists for your publication please let us know

 Concludes : Saturday 11 August

This show will travel to the North West University gallery in Potchefstroom after its close in Johannesburg

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