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South African Art Exhibition Press Release - Love Bytes & Soccer

south african art exhibition

Love Bytes & Soccer takes its title from 3 bodies of work by each of the participating photographers.

Pierre Crocquet's series Love First is existential and focuses on humanity.  He attempts images that transcend nationality, race, religion and social status.

With Reality Bytes Yudelman attempts to test boundaries of reality and art with razor sharp wit and edgy social commentaries. 

Badenhorst takes a closer look at the differences between Soccer vs Rugby.  He explores the space that the 2 sports occupy in the South African landscape, both physically and emotionally.  

All 3 are award winning photographers and have been exhibited both locally and abroad.  Running concurrently with Love Bytes & Soccer is UNIFORM: South Africa’s New Clothes an exhibition of photography at the Spanierman Gallery in New York.  Badenhorst & Yudelman’s work is included in that exhibition.  (visit www.spaniermangallery.com to view the exhibition).

Pierre Crocquest’s photographs are included in a group exhibition at the Galerie Caprice Horn in Berlin.

Yudelman’s work is exhibited in Finland during June/ July 2007 at the Lumo International Photography Triennial.

Exhibition closes on 21 July 2007

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