original oil paintings by south african artist

South African Art Gallery - Bag Factory

The Bag Factory is a non-profit organisation promoting the visual arts in South Africa through a broad range of activities. Artists in South Africa can rent affordable studios in a cultural environment that encourages diversity and cross-fertilisation of ideas and practice.

Younger artists and students can obtain advice, support and encouragement, drawing on the expertise of older resident artists. The organisation runs a residency programme to facilitate cultural exchange and debate, both nationally and internationally. Participating artists thus form a vital link to the major art and cultural networks within South Africa and abroad.

The organisation (in collaboration with business partners and sponsors) also provides opportunities to the broader community, such as workshops and educational opportunities to promote visual education and skills development.

The Bag Factory is affiliated to the Triangle Arts Trust . Workshops and studio residency programmes operate in over eighteen countries world wide. It initiates and facilitates the exchange of ideas and practice between an extensive continuously growing network of artists around the world.

Bag Factory, aka Fordsburg Artists' Studios
10 Minnaar Street,Fordsburg
Johannesburg, South Africa


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