original oil paintings by south african artist

South African Art Gallery - Hänel Gallery

Ellen Hänel opened the "Hänel Gallery" Cape Town in November 1996.The Hänel Gallery has established itself as a reputable space that showcases contemporary South African and international artists that fall well to the left of centre. This gallery has exposed more than one South African artist to the European art fair scene, since the art gallery has its roots in Germany.

South African artists reperesented by the art gallery

Aaron Wegmann
A. R. Penck
Andrew Putter
Frieder Heinze

Günter Obojkovits
Karin Dando
Lisa Brice
Musa Xaba

Nigel Mullins
Rodney Place
Rolf König
Stefan Blom

Hänel Gallery
84 Shortmarket Street
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa


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