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Daniel Cornelis Boonzaier – South African Artist, Paintings 1865 - 1950

Daniel Cornelis Boonzaier was born in Carnavon district of South Africa 1865 – 1950

Short Artist Biography
- 1882 DC Boonzaier came to Cape Town as a clerk in the Master’s Office; started drawing portraits from photographs of world-celebrities.
- 1884 DC Boonzaier published his first caricature.
- 1889 Resigned from his post as clerk to become a professional cartoonist – ‘The Owl’, ‘The Cape’;
- 1901 DC Boonzaier published ‘Owlograms’.
- 1903 DC Boonzaier became the first cartoonist appointed to the permanent staff of a South African newspaper – ‘South Africa News’.
- 1910 Published ‘Rand Faces.
- 1913 – 1914 DC Boonzaier lived in Johannesburg for one year, while cartoonist on ‘Sunday Post’; developed close friendship with Pieter Wenning.
- 1915 Published ‘My Caricature’.
- 1915 – 1940 DC Boonzaier was cartoonist on ‘Die Burger’, Cape Town, from its inception.
- 1916 Together with other benefactors DC Boonzaier assisted Wenning to spend the working-holiday in Cape Town during which he became a full-time painter. Friend of many artists; father of Gregoire Boonzaier.
- His pen-sketches of South African artists and personalities were included on the Rhodes Centenary Exhibition, Bulawayo, 1953.
- In 1973, works by Boonzaier were included in the exhibition ‘South African Cartoonists and Comic Strip Artists’ at the Pretoria Art Museum.

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