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Enslin du Plessis – South African Artist, Paintings 1894 - 1978

Enslin du Plessis was born in Standerton, South Africa 1894 - 1978

Short Artist Biography
- The son of a DRC minister. Enslin du Plessis became a journalist, painted for pleasure in the years before World War I.
- 1914 – 1918 Enslin du Plessis served in the armed forces; returned to South Africa and worked on the ‘Star’ Johannesburg.
- 1922 Enslin du Plessis settled in London, worked as a journalist on the editorial staff of Argus South African Newspapers;
- 1928 Began painting seriously.
- 1929 Enslin du Plessis elected member of the London Group; became well known as painter in London. Returned on occasional visits to South Africa. Member of the New Group, exhibiting for the first time in South Africa on its first exhibition, 1938.
- 1956 Retired from Argus Press; fulltime painting.
- 1972 Enslin du Plessis awarded South African Akadamie Medal of Honour for painting.

Art Exhibitions
- 1928 Group and one-man art exhibitions, London.
- 1936 Empire Exhibition, Johannesburg.
- 1938 New Group exhibitions, South Africa
- 1947 Several one-man art exhibitions in South Africa.
- 1948 Overseas Exhibition of South African Art, Tate Gallery.
- 1970 Prestige Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum.

Public Art collections
South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town; Johannesburg Art Gallery; William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley; Rembrandt Art Foundation; AC White Gallery, Bloemfontein; University of Wits Art Galleries; Pretoria Art Museum; King George VI Art Gallery; Port Elizabeth; UNISA.

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