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George Enslin - South African Artist, Oil Paintings, Paintings 1919 - 1922

George Enslin was born in Richmond, England 1919 - 1972

Art Education
- 1938 to 1939 Stuided under Arthur Podoloni in Cape Town.
- 1946 Continental School of Art, Cape Town under Van Essche.
- 1949 Heatherley School, London.
- 1950 Grande Chaumiere, Paris; Sculpture at Carrara Acadamy, Italy.

Short Artist Biography
George Enslin's father was chaplain with the South African Forces during WW1 and the family came to settle at Elgin, Cape Town after the war.
George Enslin traveled to many parts of the world by caravan and yacht.
He was a gypsy painter who pitched camp and painted wherever the mood took him.

- 1948 First one-man exhibition, Cape Town.
- 1952 Van Riebeeck Tercent Exhibition, Cape Town.
- 1956 First Quad of South African art.
- 1960 Second Quad of South African art.
- 1966 Republic Fest Exhibition, Pretoria.

Public Art Collections
Pretoria Art Museum, Durban Art Gallery, Rembrandt Foundation, University of Witwatersrand Gallery, William Humphreys Art Gallery Kimberley.

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