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Lippy Lipshitz- South African Artist, Sculptures, Paintings 1903 - 1980

Lippy Lipshitz was born in Plungian, Lithuania 1903 - 1980

Art Education
- 1922 to 1925 Lippy Lipshitz studied wood carving under HV Meyerowitz, Cape Town.
- 1928 to 1932 Sculpture under Antoine Bourdelle, Paris.

Short Artist Biography
- 1908 Came to South Africa.
- 1932 Following his art studies in Europe Lippy Lipshitz returned to Cape Town, South Africa.
- 1933 to 1937 Together with Wolf Kibel ran the Palm Studio Art School.
- 1938 Founder member of the New Group; exhibited graphic work for several years while acquiring a distinguished reputation as a sculptor.
- 1946 to 1948 Lippy Lipshitz went to Europe, worked mainly in London; One-man show of sculpture at Gallery Apollinaire; Was present at the opening of the overseas exhibition of South African art at the Tate Gallery.
- 1949 Co-author with Gregoire Boonzaier of monograph on Pieter Wenning; Member of International Art Club, South Africa.
- 1950 to 1963 Lippy Lipshitz appointed senior lecturer in sculpture, Michaelis School Cape Town.
- 1953 Cape Tercent award for sculpture.
- 1963 Appointed Associate Professor of Fine Art, UCT.
- 1964 Lippy Lipshitz awarded Medal of honour for sculpture by South African Akademie.
- 1966 Spent a year working in Greece; Many major sculptural commissions.
- 1968 On his retirement from the UCT Chair, South African National Gallery mounted a prestige retrospective art exhibition of his work.
- 1978 Lippy Lipshitz emigrated to Israel where he died.

Art Exhibitions
- Exhibition of sculpture in various European centres.
- 1932 First one-man art exhibition, Cape Town.
- 1933 to 1948 Regular exhibitions of monotypes and woodcuts.
- 1936 Empire Art Exhibition, Johannesburg.
- 1938 New Group art exhibitions;
- 1948 Overseas Exhibition of South African Art, Tate Gallery; First one-man exhibition in London.
- 1950 Venice Bienalle.
- 1952 Van Riebeeck Tercent Art Exhibition, Cape Town; First Quad of South African Art.
- 1956 Venice Bienalle.
- 1960 South African Graphic Art, Yugoslavia.
- 1961 Venice Bienalle.
- 1965 Sao Paulo Bienalle.
- 1964 Venice Bienalle.
- 1965 Sao Paulo Bienalle.
- 1968/9 Prestige Retrospective Exhibition, South African National Art Gallery Cape Town.
- 1971 Republic Fest Exhibition.
- 1974 'Contemporary South African Art' Athens.

Public Art Collections
Sculpture in numerous collections.
Paintings and Graphics: South African National Art Gallery Cape Town; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberley; Pretoria Art Museum; University of Wits Art Gallery; King George VI Art Gallery; Rembrandt Collection.

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