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Terence McCaw - South African Artist, Oil Paintings, Paintings 1913 - 1978

Terence McCaw was born in Pilgrems Rest, South Africa 1913 - 1978

Art Education
- 1930 to 1933 Terence McCaw studied at Wits Tech Art School under Sidney Carter and Emily Fern.
- 1935 Studied art at Central School and Heatherleys School, London.

Short Artist Biography
- Terence McCaw was educated in Johannesburg; Influenced by Carter in his early work; Worked in Cape Town for a year, returned to Johannesburg as a commercial artist.
- 1935 Won first prize on SAR poster competition; while in London exhibited with the London Group and Royal Watercolour society.
- 1936 Travelled in Spain and West Africa.
- 1937 Terence McCaw returned to South Africa, exhibited in Johannesburg; Settled in Cape Town.
- 1938 Founder member of the New Group.
- 1943 to 1945 Official War Artist with South African forces in North Africa and Italy.
- 1950 Terence McCaw spent a year painting in Zanzibar (Tanzania)
- 1965 Much of his creative energy was devoted to developing the beautiful garden of his recently acquired home at Hout Bay.
- 1974 to 1978 In the four years before his death Terence McCaw seemed to gain renewed incentive to impose greater discipline on his working pattern; Several successful exhibitions in various parts of South Africa.

Art Exhibitions
- 1934 First one-man exhibition, Cape Town.
- 1938 to 1953 New Group Exhibitions.
- 1941 to 1945 South African War Art exhibitions.
- 1948 Overseas Exhibitions of South African Art, Tate Art Gallery.
- 1953 Rhodes Centenary Exhibition Bulawayo.
- 1960 Second Quad of South African Art.
- 1975 Prestige Exhibition William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley.
- 1980 Retrospective Exhibition, Lister Gallery, Johannesburg.

Public Art Collections
South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town; Durban Art Gallery; William Humphreys Art Gallery; Ann Bryant Art Gallery; AC White Gallery, Bloemfontein; Queenstown Art Galleries; South African National War Museum, Johannesburg.

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