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George Salisbury Smithard - South African Artist, Oil Paintings 1873 - 1919

George Salisbury Smithard was born in Derby, England 1873 - 1919

Art Education
On a bursary at Slade School, London. Academie Julian, Paris. Hoger Instituut voor Schone
Kunsten, Antwerp

Short Artist Biography
Of Irish descent; educated in London; George Smithard taught at several London art schools including Camberwell and Central School.
1901: George Smithard he arrived in Cape Town and immediately became active in local art-life; his approach was relatively progressive and he identified himself with Edward Roworth in opposing the conservative Crosland Robinson in the South African Society of Artists.
1907: George Smithard elected Council-member of South African Society of Artists, but resigned later that year owing to extended absence in England.
1908: George Smithard returned to South Africa, settled in Johannesburg; lectured at Normal Colleges, Johannesburg and Heidelberg.
1908--1917 extremely influential, painted, taught privately and wrote reviews.
1910: George Smithard was one of the selectors for first national exhibition of art in Johannesburg - Lady Phillips' SANU Exhib at the Wanderers Club; founder-member of first, Johannesburg Art School; friend of Pieter Wenning - assisted him with etching, sketched with him on week-ends and exhibited with him as a member of The Individualists c1912.
1916: George Smithard member of Johannesburg Sketch Club; his paintings and pastels were much in demand in Johannesburg, but Ernest Lezard also sent large numbers to England; completed four mural panels for Pretoria Railway Station.
1917: included in Roworth's essay on `Landscape Art in SA' in Studio publication 'Art of the British Empire Overseas'.
1919: George Smithard took seriously ill in Heidelberg, died in Johannesburg General Hospital. Frequently signed his paintings with his monogram: the letter `S' surrounded by the letter `G'.

Art Exhibitions
1902: first South African Society of Artists Exhibition, Cape Town
1905 and 1907: successful art exhibitions in London.
1908--19: regular one-man and group art exhibitions in Johannesburg.
1964: Pastels, Watercolours and Etchings - South African National Gallery, Cape Town

Public Art Collections
South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Pretoria Art Museum; Library of Parliament; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberley


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