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Alice Tennant - South African Artist, Oil Paintings, Paintings 1890 - 1976

Alice Tennant was born in Paris, France 1890 - 1976

Art Education
Alice Tennant studied art at Grande Chaumiere, Paris.

Short Artist Biography
- Born Alice Aubrey; showed early talent for decorative craftwork in metal and leather; worked as a nurse in an evacuation hospital in Paris during WW1, drew and painted at night.
- 1918 Alice Tennant set up studio with her sisters as interior decorator; illustrated periodicals; exhibited on Paris Salons; married Maj Douglas Tennant.
- 1922 Alice Tennant came to South Africa; settled in a picturesque Cape-Dutch homestead at Jonkershoek near Stellenbosch; exhibited at Ashbeys Art Gallery; continued to work at crafts and book-illustration; specialized in watercolour flower-studies and informal drawings of children; travelled in South Africa and Swaziland; exhibited more landscapes and animal studies; for some time had a studio in Martin Melck House Cape Town.

Art Exhibitions
- 1918 to 1922 Group exhibitions and Salons, Paris.
- 1922 First one-man art exhibition, Cape Town; subsequently in various South African centres.
- 1936 Empire Art Exhibition, Johannesburg.
- 1952 Van Riebeeck Tercent Art Exhibition , Cape Town.
- 1953 First Quad of South African Art.
- 1960 Second Quad of South African Art.

Public Art Collections
South African National Art Gallery; King George VI Art Gallery; Hester Rupert Art Museum; Rembrandt Foundation.

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