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Florence Zerffi - South African Artist, Paintings, Oil Paintings 1882 - 1962

Florence Zerffi was born in London, England 1882 - 1962

Art Education
Florence Zerffi studied art in London and at the Konigliche Kunstgewerbeschule, Berlin under professor Emil Doepler.

Short Artist Biography
- 1916 Florence Zerffi came to South Africa, settled in Cape Town; elected member of South African Society of Artists.
- 1921 to 1924 Keeper of Michaelis Art Collection.
- 1924 Florence Zerffi married Harry Stratford Caldecott; they exhibited together and she painted several portraits of her husband.
- 1929 Following her husband's death taught painting privately and at Cape Town High Schools; preffered to work in the subdued light of her studio; individualistic and disciplined in her expression.
- 1938 Foundation member of the New Group; exhibited paintings with the Group and individually.
- 1956 When Florence Zerffi's son married in England she left South Africa for England and settled in London.

Art Exhibitions
- 1916 onwards: Group exhibitions of South African Society of Artists.
- 1926 First joint-exhibition with Caldecott, several one-person exhibitions.
- 1953 Rhodes Centenary Exhibition.
- 1979 'South African Printmakers' South African National Art Gallery.

Public Art Collections
South African National Art Gallery; Johannesburg Art Gallery; Pretoria Art Museum; Durban Art Gallery; Rembrandt Art Foundation; William Humphreys Art Gallery.

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