People love shopping, whether it is at the mall or even at a garage sale. People love a bargain, which is why a car boot sale is one of the best ways to make money while getting rid of items you no longer need.

Everybody has a collection of things that are no longer required, but not that many people think of car boot sale as a solution, which is a much better alternative than just throwing them in the garbage. If this is your first car boot sale, and you are not sure what items to sell, here are a few of the best.

Old Clothes


Clothes are one of the best choices for the car boot sale. Best sold are designer and children clothes, but as long as your clothing piece is in good condition, everything can go. However, prepare for some bargaining on your prices. Clothes are a common product; everybody needs them, making them easy to sell, especially when they are cheap. Try to create a collection that will be attractive to everyone. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do it when it comes to clothes. Don’t forget to iron the clothes, check them for tears or damage, and if you can, put them on a clothes rail for the best presentation.

Children’s toys

Children’s toys are an attractive option for the car boot sale. It is hard to say no to the children, right? If you have some toys in good condition or bought some on eBay, you can resell them on your car boot, and you will find customers without a problem. Many people buy used toy sets like Lego, and you may find plenty of purchasers in this domain. The better condition they are in, the more you will be able to charge for them.

Car boot sales lined up


You can find many people selling books on car boots. Book number increases over time, you get a gift or inherit a large number of books, and then in some moment, there is a lack of space in the house. This is when car boots are an excellent choice. Usually, the home book collection is diverse and can attract different people to buy them. Books very slowly lose their value (unless in terrible shape) because they are kept in one place and aren’t use on an everyday basis. Therefore, you might have a fortune in your house in the form of books you aren’t reading anymore.

Games, DVDs, CDs

This is an excellent choice for your car boot sale. If you have a computer and used to play video games or watch movies on DVDs, you might have a considerable value of items for your sale. New games are expensive, so people turn towards games that are a bit older because their price is lower. If you have used games that you no longer need, you should consider placing them on your next car boot sale. You will surely find interested customers. The same goes for movies on DVDs and programs on CDs since they are also wanted nowadays.


Car boots are suitable for selling various cosmetic and skin-care products. Philosophy, Benefit, MAC, Lush, Nails Inc, and OPI are among well-sold products. Women are smart shoppers, and that is why they will want to find fine quality for a reasonable price. And if they are happy, they tend to buy a lot, and often. Therefore, if you meet both of the conditions, you will be satisfied with your sales. Pay attention not to sell fakes of brands; better choose a common brand, but original. Since the cosmetic world is vast, you have a wide variety of products you can sell. It is up to you which ones you will display for sale.

Old Cutlery for sale

Secondhand kitchen equipment

Over time, we change our kitchen equipment and often stack it with the old items. We don’t want to throw away the old ones because we think they can come in handy if the new equipment breaks. However, that is rarely the case, and it is better to get some money out of secondhand items. They are easily sold, as they are necessary for the kitchen and cheaper than regular shops. This is great for people that want to save some money while equipping their kitchen, and for you, who will make money selling these.

We hope we have helped you get a starting idea of how your first car boot sale should look like and what it should contain. There are many other items that you can include, but don’t forget that you want to sell items that will have many interested people who are willing to buy them for a reasonable price. This will make them happy, and eventually, it will make YOU happy.

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