In today’s world, mental health matters. What do you do to relieve stress?

There are umpteen things you can do to feel good. Perhaps you go to a particular person, or you indulge in a specific activity, perhaps even a vice. You may head to the yoga studio or expend your energy by dancing or exercising in the gym. Some people enjoy playing poker online free. Well, it gives them peace and also helps them reap endless benefits. Since we are talking about activities, pottery and ceramics can help in relieving stress too. 

You might wonder how getting your hands mucky can be helpful in calming the nerves, but there is a very good reason behind it. Hands-on art has become a form of self-love and care. How does it help? Keep reading to find out. 

Get on the pottery wheel and relieve some stress

How do Pottery and Ceramics Help Reduce Stress?

People who enjoy pottery can spend an entire week making little crafts. When you indulge in pottery, your mind is active and focused on the activity. Pottery requires precision and attention mainly because of the subtle movements. If you are having a really bad day at work, you can get on the wheel and make some crafts. It will help in releasing all the Stress. 

When you put some hard clay on the wheel, it requires some bit of work and pressure. Once you are past the hard clay, you can create any object you like. You have total control over what you want the clay to become and how you wish to paint it. It’s like the clay has life, and it’s talking back. 

Usually, people recommend meditation as the best method to get rid of Stress, but pottery is also a great way to deal with it. Psychologists believe that when you are dealing with clay, you are making something. You have total control of what you are making and taking the required action. 

Get creative with bright and colourful designs

Let Your Creativity Flow 

Once you get on the wheel, you are able to create beautiful things like a planter, a plate, or a new pot. You can make many creative things with clay. Instead of buying expensive pottery items, you can make them at home and paint them as per your liking. It is a great hobby, and it can also turn into a blossoming career. 

Pottery and ceramics are great ways to channelise your energy into something positive and productive. So, don’t punch a bag or get into a heated argument. If you are stressed, sign up for a pottery class or get the wheel and clay at home. 

You can find many DIY videos online to learn how to make different plate and planter shapes. Stress can be lethal for your health. It takes away your sleep and even plants several negative thoughts in your head. Get rid of negative thoughts by indulging in pottery and ceramics. Your mind will be active and focused. Making pottery pieces requires a lot of patience, and you won’t even get time to think about your worries. 


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