Back in the old days, the only way to play slot machine games was to rock up at your local casino, pop a coin into a slot machine and take a spin! There wasn’t much variety, and the games weren’t very complicated compared to the online slots of today – play Mustang Gold slot.

This has led to a lot of debate between the two forms of slots – is it easiest to win at online slots, or are they harder? This very much depends on the kind of online slot you play! Let’s take a deep dive into this debate. We are going to be taking a look at:

– Classic online slots

– Progressive online slots

– Online slot bonuses

Classic Online Slots Vs. Progressive Online Slots

When it comes to classic online slots, the odds and the game mechanisms are very much like land-based slots of the past. Instead of there being a mechanism, there will be an RNG (Random Number Generator), but ultimately the odds of winning are the same. However, one important thing to take note of is the huge range of classic online slots available!

This means that you can choose the slot game with the highest odds, and therefore they could be seen as easier to win than land-based slots where you do not have much choice over the odds. However, not all online slots are equal – progressive slots are some of the most popular online slots due to the enormous prizes that they offer. Watch out though – the odds of winning the top jackpot is extremely slim, and if you’re looking to win, then you’d be better off playing a land-based slot!

Online Slot Bonuses

At the end of the day, there is nothing about online slots that make them any easier to win than land-based slots other than the fact that you can pick and choose a game based on the odds. However, we are firm believers that the incredible bonus offers that are found online mean that everyone is a winner! Back in the old days, the only bonus offers you would get on a slot machine might come in the form of a bonus spin. These days, casinos offer all sorts of bonuses that help you double up on your cash even if you don’t win! A few classic examples of online slot bonuses include:

– No Deposit Offers that give you free cash for signing up to a new slot game

– Matched bonuses that literally double your cash when you make a deposit

– Free spin rounds that give you tons of opportunities to access additional spins without making any further bets! 

Ultimately online slots aren’t any easier to win than old-school slots, but with these bonuses, it certainly feels like it’s easier!

The Verdict

Overall, online slot machines use the same properties of randomness that classic slot machines used, so they’re no easier to win really. However, pick a game with excellent odds, avoid progressive slots, and make use of bonuses, and it genuinely will feel easier! What are you waiting for? Get online and give it a try!

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