Publishing episodic videos on IGTV is a popular way to get more views for your content. This allows you to get deeper and more consistent with your content strategy, which in turn encourages audiences to watch additional episodes. For example, the Madewell fashion brand has several IGTV series that feature well-known personalities. It also hosts Sunday Supper, where experts in the food industry share their recipes.

Use Hashtags

IGTV has given musicians a new platform to share their work with the world. Buy Instagram TV views by and for artists that are taking advantage of this platform to share their music and videos with the world. There are some mistakes you need to avoid when using hashtags. These tips will help you get the most views for your video! Your hashtags should be related to your video and your brand. Use specific hashtags when your audience is likely to search for those keywords.

Use hashtags to communicate the topic. For example, if you’re selling flowers, you might want to use #flowers, as this niche will get you more views. To increase your reach, you could also use other people’s hashtags or @mentioned their accounts. Just make sure you’re posting regularly and in a consistent fashion.

When choosing a hashtag, try to avoid using a common one that’s already being used by a popular brand. For example, a popular hashtag is #yogapants. This hashtag may not be related to yoga but could confuse your target audience. You can also look for hashtags relevant to your niche and add them to your Stories. Before you use these hashtags, make sure to check if they are being used by your competitors or superiors. Using hashtags to your advantage is a must if you want your story to gain exposure.

Unfortunately, only a few people use hashtags to share stories and get their videos featured. To stand out, you need to create amazing content. Flick offers a variety of filters that will help you find relevant hashtags for your content. Then, use these hashtags in your stories and watch the views come in!

Share Your IGTV Stories

You can promote your videos on Instagram and Facebook to increase views on IGTV. In addition, you can use Facebook and Instagram Stories to promote your IGTV videos. Both platforms are meant to complement each other. Here are three ways to promote your IGTV videos on Instagram and Facebook. The first is to upload new videos to your IGTV account. You should make sure you post when your target audience is online.

Another effective tactic for getting more views on IGTV is to direct your followers to comment on your content. When people search for a hashtag, only a few stories will show up. You’ll get more views on your IGTV videos if you respond to each comment. But remember to only share your best content. To get more views, you can publish a portion of your IGTV video. The main goal is to get the attention of your target audience.

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You can edit your video with special effects and animations. You can add music or text to your video to encourage viewers to view the entire video. These effects can only be used if you have the video in mp4 format. This is a simple step. Once you’ve done this, you can publish your IGTV videos on IGTV.

Using teasers is another way to create more views on IGTV. You should choose a teaser that is both interesting and provides a reason for people to watch your video. In addition to teasers, you can also tell your audience when your new videos will be released. This is a great way to keep your followers informed about the latest videos. In addition, you can keep them informed about new content by sharing it with your Instagram followers.

Mention in Instagram Live

No matter how many followers you have, you can still increase your IGTV video views by adding a call to action. The key is to make your call-to-action stand out among the other IG content you share. You can even use GIFs to catch the attention of your audience. Remember that the more interesting and entertaining your IGTV content is, the higher the number of views it will receive.

Before you start posting your IGTV videos, you should prepare your cover photo. You can also create a template and write a caption for your video. IGTV will give you more exposure if you mention your viewers. It will also increase your visibility among followers. Make sure that you are consistent when posting videos on IGTV. After posting the content, make sure to include the hashtags you used in the caption.

You can also use Instagram’s live features to increase your views on IGTV. Instagram Live is a video platform that is based on real-life situations. Users can watch live videos or share short trailers of upcoming videos. For example, if you want to showcase IGTV content, you can make use of Instagram’s Stories feature. This will allow your followers to know when you go live so they can see it first.

Schedule a live stream every week to promote your IGTV content. Your followers will look forward each week to your Instagram Live video schedule. Remember to set clear goals. The more engaging your live videos are, the more likely they will be to be shared and seen by your audience. If you want to get more views and engagement on IGTV, schedule your live broadcasts according.

Promote on Other Platforms

Promoting your IGTV channel on other platforms is one of the best ways to increase views. You can increase traffic and engage your audience by creating a content strategy. It would be best if you also considered how often you could release a new episode of your series on IGTV. Creating a weekly or monthly release will increase the visibility of your videos and keep viewers interested.

Use hashtags, accounts, or places to promote your video on IGTV. Many brands are actively looking for influencers to promote their content in order to increase sales. This technique is known as influencer marketing. By connecting with brands, you can get paid high to promote their products, services, and campaigns. To earn the highest pay, you can reach out to brands directly or register with an agency.

If you are a makeup artist, for example, you could use a ten-year challenge to get more IGTV views. Show your followers your older makeup and new makeup every decade. This will allow you to create a loop for free marketing of your videos. You will get more views if you post your videos during peak hours. When sharing your videos, use keywords in the title and description, and you’ll be on your way to increasing your exposure and impressions.

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Engaging with other IGTV creators is another great way to increase IGTV viewers. Comment on others’ IGTV videos and engage with the commenters. These people are your potential audience! You can also ask your friends and followers to view your videos. You want them to engage with your content and offer constructive criticism. Finally, follow other IGTV creators to see your video more often on the IGTV “following” section.

Use Attractive Thumbnails

If you want to get more views, it is important to use attractive thumbnails in your video. People look at thumbnails to decide whether to watch your video. Make sure you include a picture of your primary subject with a legible headline. It’s also important to use a bright, eye-catching font.

You can upload your thumbnail as a separate file or as a part of the video. To create an eye-catching thumbnail, you can use an app such as Photoshop or another similar image-editing software. Alternatives are also available that provide high-quality output without a monthly fee.

When publishing your video on IGTV, upload a high-quality thumbnail that highlights your video content. Use a font that matches your video’s content and match it with your feed’s visual style. This ensures consistency and attracts viewers. A thumbnail that grabs the attention is the best way to show your video to your followers, whether it is a short video or an instructional video.

If you want to get more views on IGTV, create an appealing thumbnail. Most users don’t go to the IGTV section of a profile. You’ll be amazed at how many people will view your video preview.

Don’t forget to collaborate with industry-related creators to get higher views on your video. If you can’t afford the services of a professional video editor, you can always use the free one.

You can also add keywords to your IGTV profile to increase views. Keywords in your username will make your video searchable. An example of a keyword is “marketing tips” for your video. Add your keywords to the username, and users will be able to find you on IGTV. Your videos will appear in search results as soon as possible. It’s worth it!