There are endless guides out there on the internet for people who want to gamble successfully at online casinos. There are tips on how to play blackjack better, win at slots, be better at roulette, and so much more. When you’re looking for tips to be more successful at betting on sports, the list is shorter. Mostly, it consists of people saying, “Know about sport. Bet on it. Win.”, which is somewhat true, but also a little bit obvious. Of course, you’ll do better betting on sports when you know about them, but there’s a lot more you can do once you find an ideal site from to successfully bet on sports there.

If you do sports betting right, it can actually be a much more reliable way to win money than betting at casinos. In both forms of betting, you’re trying to predict what will happen next. But it is inherently more reliable to bet on, say, Novak Djokovic to win a tennis match than it is to predict that the roulette wheel will land on red. If you’re patient, ready to learn, and know how to maximize the little advantages that come your way, then you can definitely become a more successful sports bettor.

Use all the bonuses

One thing that surprisingly few people realize is that sports betting bonuses tend to be more generous than casino bonuses. Yes, the casino will offer you hundreds, even thousands, in bonus betting funds. But you will usually have to use those funds on slot games, sometimes on one specific slot, and even when you win something, the casino will then make you wager your winnings dozens of times before you can withdraw them. A sports betting bonus, however, may not need to be wagered at all and can generally be used on any sport. You’ll have to make sure you meet other Ts and Cs, like only betting on odds over a certain amount, but you can still make relatively safe bets and emerge with real cash.

Avoid horse racing

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There is an argument to be made that modern horse racing would not exist without the betting industry, and vice versa. However, it’s probably also true that horse racing and horse betting have been able to rejoice in their profits because it’s a very hard sport to predict. Out of the last ten Grand Nationals, the favored horse has won once. Races with smaller fields are less volatile but still not that easy to call consistently, especially if you’re not a frequent watcher of horse racing, and while there may be people who watch horse racing without placing bets, they are definitely in the minority. Even seasoned tipsters get it wrong about half the time.

Learn when the odds are set and released

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Bookmaker odds are set and released in advance of sporting contests, and they are often then hastily revised in response to better behavior. Bookies don’t make many mistakes, and those that they make are usually corrected in a hurry. But if you can be quick off the mark, you may be able to spot errors, especially if the odds are on a sport you know and care about. If you closely follow Croatian football, for example, it’s worth knowing when a bookmaker will put up their odds for the next round of Nogometna Liga fixtures and, when they do, calculate whether those odds have taken account of potential injuries, suspensions, and bogey teams. If the odds look inaccurate to you, get on before they are changed.