On Vimeo, you can not only enjoy the creative work of other people but also create your own – any maker can become popular on this platform, even if he hasn’t been in this field before. However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. As with other social platforms and video hosting, there is quite fierce competition here. There are more and more creators, and each of them wants to win fame. But what if you started your journey recently and don’t know how to attract an audience?

It’s simple: in order to achieve significant results and declare yourself as a true professional in your field (if you shoot art videos or clips about art, for example), you’ll need a proven and working promo strategy. There are many different tools for your growth on this creative platform, but you need to use them wisely. Also, don’t forget about third-party support for high-quality advertising services, which can be a significant help in the promo process. In this article, we’ll talk about the 3 best ways of promotion you should know about: 2 of them are free, and 1 is paid.

Where to Start?

After you have created your account and uploaded several clips, you shouldn’t expect much attention from the audience – most often, such content remains unseen because it is not promoted by the algorithms of the network. But you can avoid a lot of unexpected problems that beginners often face. So, if you immediately buy Vimeo followers, you’ll instantly become more competitive and raise your content to a new level. Statistical indicators really play a big role in the issue of promo, and you need to make them as good as possible so that the process is faster and more efficient.

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After you have made your profile more attractive to potential spectators and expanded your fanbase, proceed to other, free ways of developing. But don’t forget that paid PR services can be useful in the future, too – for example, if you see a decline in user activity and a low level of engagement.

Which Free Methods are Useful?

Publish your content everywhere. Keep in mind that your potential viewers are outside of the same platform. Now social networks are of great importance in the lives of most people; they are constantly online: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and other sites have become an inseparable part of the lives of many Internet users. You, as the author of digital content, have many advantages in this.

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In order to expand your fanbase, become more famous in the thematic community, and get more views, just start uploading clips on other resources – upload them to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, and share links to new content on Twitter and Facebook; this is a real chance to improve your social credibility and become more visible on the Internet space.

Focus on quality. Less is more – is the golden rule of popular bloggers. There’s no point posting a ton of videos if they’re all of the low quality. Think a couple of times before you start downloading content; sometimes, it may be useful to ask friends and relatives how successful the clip was and whether it is interesting. Post only high-quality and attractive content here (don’t forget to write bright titles), and then you’ll see an increased interest in your creativity very quickly. We wish you success!