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Tinus Bezuidenhout - South African Artist - Photography

south african artist Tinus Bezuidenhout photography

south african artist Tinus Bezuidenhout photography

south african artist Tinus Bezuidenhout photography

Tinus Bezuidenhout

Media - Photography
Address - 8 San Marino c/o main & twist road, Albertville,
South Africa
Phone - 0824405513
Email - tinbez@gmail.com

Tinus has taken to photography approximately 3 years ago when he first picked up a 3MP camera and showed a very keen passion for photography. Throughout the years he has spent an extensive amount of time improving his skills whilst working a normal day job. Weekends were spent mostly through the lens until he decided to invest in formal training when he enrolled at the National College of Photography where he to date completed an Intermediate photography course but has many more courses on the plan for 2008.

He has also contributed over 200 photographs to microstock library iStockphoto which is an International community of graphical designers, photographers and videographers where he has further increased and demonstrated his passion by taking part in forums. The last year in Tinus' photographic passion has also landed him some private jobs for clients such as weddings and also private or personal photographic sessions where a specific goal was set. He has sold numerous prints of his work and is planning to expand his photographic skills to studios.

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