Back in the old days, if you wanted to create t-shirts, you had to invest money to buy the equipment necessary for the job; creating a design was expensive, and for most people, it wasn’t possible to be done alone. But nowadays, thanks to the advancements of technology available to everyone, and the rapid growth of the internet through social networks, people can connect more effortlessly than ever. That means that you can easily sell your custom t-shirts online now, without all the difficulties of the past. So, if you would like to know where to do this, here are a few of the best places:


Teespring is without a doubt one of the most famous platforms for selling t-shirts online. Launched a decade ago back in 2011, originally as a crowdfunded website to buy or sell tailored t-shirts. Basically, it allows you to make your own t-shirts on their platform. You can pick between numerous different design options, colors for your shirt and upload your designs with their custom editor. This allows you the added freedom to unleash your creative spirit to the maximum in no time. Your designs can also be applied to all sorts of different products, from phone cases, masks, towels, canvases, the list is long. What makes Teespring an even more favorable platform is that it lets you decide your own price and your own sales goals for the campaign. Your revenue will depend on the price you choose and the amount of merch you sell. Initially, you will need to drive traffic directly to your online shopfront, normally through social media. Once you have sold a few shirts or any other product, you can be added to their boosted network, which allows your products to be searched for directly on the site as well as being promoted on other marketplaces.


This is another very appropriate website for freelance designers to sell their T-shirt designs and find customers easily. Designhill launched Printshop in 2014 as a design crowdsourcing platform. It is considered one of the best places to sell not just T-shirts but also various accessories, posters, and even home and living products. With over 125,000 designers in their community, they prove to be very reliable as a platform for selling merchandise. When it comes to designing, they provide the tools while also giving you the option of uploading your design. Printshop allows their artists to determine the price by setting your sales commission. This can go from 5% up to 20% or more set manually if the design is worth more.



Spreadshop is a great place to sell your designs on T-shirts, mugs, hats, bags, and many more items. It is an online marketplace for custom-made print-on-demand merchandise. Spreadshop is there for all the hard stuff such as printing, payment processing, and shipping. All that is up to you is to create some exciting designs and upload them. What makes them outstanding from the sales aspect is that it has efficient built-in tools that help customers find you more straightforward. You have to make sure to learn how to set your tags properly and find out what is selling best. SpreadShop also has its online communities, which can help to sell your artworks and merchandise. As far as the profit goes, they pay a 20% commission and a bonus if you do well with your sales. Plus, you can add a “Design Price” option to up to $20 on top of the basic item price, with all the money going to you.


CafePress has been in the game for a long time, as this platform was launched in 1999. If you want to create your own customized and personalized shop for clothes, this is a fantastic place to be. They have numerous professional templates that give you the possibility to customize the clothes the way you want or upload your personalized artwork in whatever graphics and HTML you prefer. They have a diverse assortment of products; t-shirts are one of 250 products sold on this platform. What makes Cafepress an excellent choice is that their website allows you to open your own shop. They are flexible when it comes to setting up the price; they have a base price that covers their manufacturing cost and shipping the tees, while the rest is yours in the form of commission after the sale. They ship worldwide, take care of all refunds, provide high quality, and give extra sales bonuses. Major organizations like UNICEF use this website to sell their products.


This is another trendy online place for selling art that you custom-made. Threadless was found in 2000 as a t-shirt competition website, and nowadays is a big platform for eCommerce. You can place your designs on many products and among them t-shirts. You just have to make the art; Threadless takes care of everything else. You can make your own unique shop with custom branding for free. If you are good at marketing and your artwork is appealing, you will quickly find customers and do business on this website. Threadless will provide you with site analytics and marketing resources to boost your sales. When it comes to money, you are free to set any price you want as long as it covers the base cost; the rest is yours.