In the age of online shopping, most people can buy what they want, when they want. While there are aspects of online commerce that make gift-giving easy, it poses another issue: finding personal and meaningful gifts.

Whether you’re at a loss for inspiration or overwhelmed by the options, here are five personal gift ideas for your next big occasion.

A Floral Surprise

Flowers have been a cherished gift for thousands of years. This beautiful, versatile gift option can be catered to the individual tastes of the person you’re sending them to. You can also rely on the colours and symbolism for a deeper meaning behind the flower delivery

Pair your flower delivery with a personalized note telling the person how much they mean to you. This note can convey gratitude for their continued love and support or tell the person how much better they make your life.

An Heirloom Photo Book

Photo books are a beautiful way to capture memories in a personalized gift. These versatile gifts can be customized for family members, spouses, or friends, crafted with the tone that best suits your relationship.

To elevate this treasured gift, create an heirloom photo book that can be passed on to the next generation. Include clips of family stories, recipes, thoughts, and memories for an unforgettable gift that will stand the test of time.

Source: Pexels

A Box of Letters

Living in a world of instant communication is convenient, making it easier to stay connected with our friends and family. However, the art of letter writing is getting lost in the technological advances as our society progresses. Yet, holding a personal, thoughtful letter is a tangible reminder of someone’s love and friendship.

Write an assortment of letters for this budget-friendly personal gift and seal them in separate envelopes. You should label these letters with dates or events upon which the recipient should open them. You can include letters for special events, like birthdays and anniversaries, or bad days as a reminder that someone cares. Place these letters in a keepsake box for a gift that spans over the years.

A Zodiac Candle Set

Astrology is having a moment in pop culture, with many people relating to the fun, mysterious messages written in the stars. If the person on your list relates to their zodiac sign, you can give them customized zodiac gifts based on their birthday. 

Zodiac candle sets typically include a personalized candle with a scent that’s meant to appeal to the unique star sign. They often come with insense and other trinkets as well.

If the recipient isn’t a candle person, you can also get zodiac lotions, perfumes, mugs, jewellery, and attire.

A Custom Oil Painting

Finally, wow the person on your list with a custom oil painting. You can partner with an artist for a commissioned piece of a treasured memory, favourite place, or even the recipient’s pet dressed up like royalty. This beautiful gift is sure to become a treasured possession and valued conversation piece.

With these five personal gift options, you’re guaranteed to amaze.