Decorating for any holiday can be a difficult task for restaurateurs. Knowing which decorations to use and which to avoid can be confusing. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true Valentine’s Day décor that you can use in your restaurant to make sure your customers have a romantic evening out. Whether you are aiming for cozy, romantic backdrop or something more exciting, there is something for everyone this Valentine’s Day. Read on to learn about the most popular Valentine’s Day decorations that you can use in your restaurant to create the perfect setting!

How to Decorate a Restaurant for Valentines Day

When decorating a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, it’s important to consider the color scheme used in the decorations. Red is the obvious choice, but there are other colors that can enhance the romantic atmosphere. A muted palette of soft pinks and creams can add a soft, romantic feel to the decor. Rich, deep shades of purple and burgundy can add a dramatic touch. A combination of colors creates a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. So, it’s important to consider the color scheme when decorating for Valentine’s Day.

Choose a Color Palette

As Valentine’s Day approaches, restaurants are beginning to feel the pressure to make sure they have an appropriate decor in place. There are a lot of options to choose from, but it is important that restaurants first start by selecting a color palette. A well-thought-out color scheme can be used throughout the decorations and create a having atmosphere that guests will enjoy.

When selecting your colors, ask yourself questions such as: Does my restaurant target couples? If so, you may want to select more romantic colors like two-tone pinks, reds and lighter blues or purples for your palate. It may even be helpful to do some research about what colors trigger romantic emotions in guests. If you are targeting a broader demographic, consider warmer colors such as oranges and yellows for a calming effect.

Whether you decide on one main color with accents of others or an equally distributed series of multiple hues, make sure each hue is used consistently throughout your decorations. For example, if you select brighter pink hues for table settings paired with softer shaded accessories such as accent dishes or linens that pick up bright pops of those pinks this will bring harmony and cohesion to the entire restaurant setting without overwhelming guests. Ultimately it is best to choose colors that reflect your restaurant’s regular décor so that the transition into Valentine’s Day won’t be too dramatic for regular customers who come back again and again over the holiday weekend!

Decorate with Red and Pink

Adding a bit of eye-catching color to your restaurant for Valentine’s Day can help create a festive and inviting atmosphere. Popular colors for the day are shades of red and pink, as they represent love and romance. Incorporate color into your decorations by adding small details like bright pink table linens or red accents throughout the space. You can also add light fixtures with red shades or use festive lighting (like string lights) in pink and red hues to give your restaurant a fun, romantic vibe.

You may also want to consider pairing these colors with other shades, such as white or silver. By having different hues that combine and contrast nicely together, you can create a bold look without overwhelming customers or losing any of that necessary Valentine’s Day flair. For example, you can place white table linens beneath bright pink Valentine’s decorations, such as oversized paper hearts or bunting flags with punches of sparkle from silver accents like twinkle lights along the perimeter of the space.

Add Accent Colors

Adding accents to your Valentine’s Day decorations is a great way to add a unique touch. Utilize shades of pink, purple, red and white – or any other combination – to create a visually stunning table setting or stunning display. Use different color fabrics, candles, candle holders, frames and wall art as simple accents.

If you’re looking for something slightly more intricate than just red napkins and white plates, consider adding additional colors such as pink or purple plates and linens to add dimension and texture to the design. For example, placing burgundy napkins on the tables with burgundy striped pillows can give your tables an extra special look that is inviting for customers. Finish the design with whimsical decorative accents such as heart-shaped balloons or paper cutouts of hearts that you can hang from the ceiling for a festive look.


When it comes to decorating a restaurant for Valentine’s Day, lighting can be a crucial factor. Whether you decide to add touches of red and pink or go with a classic, romantic glow, lighting can make or break the atmosphere in the restaurant.

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There are many ways to create the right lighting for Valentine’s Day, so let’s explore these options:

Install Ambient Lighting

One of the most romantic and simple ways to decorate your restaurant for Valentine’s Day is to create a soft, seductive environment with ambient lighting. This can be achieved by adding strategically-placed candles, string lights, paper lanterns and other decorative lighting. Changing your existing lighting to romantic and subtly hued options including pink or blue gels can also bring in a special atmosphere perfect for the occasion.

When adding in ambient lighting to your Valentine’s Day decorations, focus on creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and intimacy. Use low wattage light sources such as votive candles or string lights with diffusers that can be easily dimmed. Avoid harsh overhead illumination that flattens the 3-dimensionality of the room’s architecture and instead focus on atmospheric accent lighting such as dining table lamps or wall sconces tucked among art installations or decorations.

By placing multiple light sources at various heights throughout the dining room space you will create multi-dimensional ambiance and shadowplay which will add a romantic touch to any restaurant bathroom renovation during this memorable holiday season.

Use Candles and String Lights

Adding the right lighting to your restaurant on Valentine’s Day can create a romantic and inviting atmosphere. Candles are the ideal choice for transforming your restaurant into an intimate and warm Valentine’s Day dinner experience. Opting for multiple votive candles and a few pillar candles or tapers will help create an unforgettable mood that is light, airy, and soft.

To further enhance the romantic feel of your diners’ evening, you can add a set of string lights along with their table lanterns or wall sconces. Fun colors like pink, rose gold, red and white will really help adds to the special moment. Don’t forget to select unscented candle types which won’t overwhelm the smell of food or be too harsh on sensitive noses.

With these simple touches, you just might have created the perfect setting for you and your Valentine!

Choose the Right Bulbs

Different light bulbs have different effects. So, when it comes to creating the most romantic atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day patrons, you must take lighting into consideration. Not only must you choose the right type of bulbs, but you must also carefully place them in order to maximize their effects and create the most dramatic display possible.

One way to do this is to incorporate different lighting temperatures within the room. Soft, warm white bulbs are great for creating a cozy feel; cooler white bulbs provide a fresher look; and daylight bulbs act as a strong task and focus light in specific areas. Consider using dimmers or individual control on each bulb so that guests can adjust the brightness to their own preferences for optimal ambiance. Special effect lights can help add some creative touches as well; be sure to keep these colours within your chosen Valentine’s colour palette for a unified – yet unique – look.

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If you want to highlight particular features of your restaurant, such as particular plants, artwork or furniture pieces, then directional lights like spotlights and LED strips may be helpful in drawing attention away from more mundane aspects of the room set-up (think structural posts or ceiling fixtures). No matter what kind of lightbulb you decide on using, it’s important that any wiring stays out of sight and all fixtures remain unobtrusive in order to maintain minimalist aesthetics while still allowing guests a beautiful ambient glow – perfect for those Valentine’s Day selfies!


Decorating a restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be a great way to create a romantic ambience and attract more customers. From roses and heart-shaped balloons, to candles and string lights, there are plenty of creative ways to add a festive touch to your restaurant.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common and popular Valentine’s Day decorations for restaurants:

Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday, and one of the most common ways to celebrate it is to take your partner or best friend to dinner. Create the perfect romantic atmosphere with Valentine’s Day decorations in your restaurant prior to your big evening. Here are some simple ways to set the mood in your restaurant:

  • Adorn tables and entryways with romantic-themed table runners and fabric display banners. Choose fabrics and patterns that speak to love and romance, such as deep reds, pinks, golds, and purples. For extra elegance, choose brushed metal accents for these special details.
  • Decorate walls with art featuring inspiring messages about love or use framed photos of couples that you’ve served over the years with adjoining Valentine’s Day themes. Create a warm atmosphere in the dining room by tossing wall art decals from popular romantic movies onto any available wall space.
  • Incorporate illuminated letters for spelling out ~Love~ on walls or suspended from ceilings to further intensify the romantic atmosphere at night. On tables, you can place LED candle holders that stay lit indefinitely without burning out so guests can easily see menus or conversation topics during darker areas of the dining experience.
  • Place custom stationery sets at individual tablesites so guests can create their own cards on-site while they wait for their meals (and don’t forget writing utensils!).
  • And finally, dress up tabletops with festive center pieces appropriate for this day dedicated solely towards affection!

Hang Decorative Garlands

Garland is a great way to add some romantic and festive elements to the walls and ceilings of your restaurant. Popular garland decorations for Valentine’s Day are heart shaped string lights, red velvet fabric draped garlands, tissue paper pom-pom garlands, pale pink tissue paper tassel garlands, and white doily lace lanterns. You can hang these decorations in different spots around your restaurant and they will create a beautiful ambiance for your customers during their special meal. With the right care and maintenance, you’ll be able to use these decorations year-round too!

If hanging pieces isn’t an option or if you don’t want to commit to placing permanent fixtures in your restaurant, you can also opt for smaller doorways designs such as:

  • Large hearts or floral arrangements affixed with adhesive tape or pinned on satin ribbons.

These smaller additions still make a giant impact on the overall atmosphere of your space without being too obtrusive.

Use Heart-Shaped Decorations

When decorating for a Valentine’s Day celebration, it is essential to create the perfect ambiance through decorations that evoke romance. A popular and traditional choice of decoration is to use large heart-shaped cutouts or decorations. These items are usually decorated in red, pink or a combination of both two colors and can be used for a variety of purposes.

One way to incorporate heart-shaped decorations into your Valentine’s Day decor is by using them as table centerpieces. You can use them as backdrops for flower arrangements and add candles or other interesting objects inside each heart-shaped cutout to create an inviting display for your guests. As an alternative, you can use the same materials as simple decor around the space or hang them from the ceiling.

Heart-shaped decorations are also commonly used in larger displays such as photo frames, wall hangings and more. They make great additions to existing décor elements in any room – adding texture and color while serving as thoughtful reminders of the special day. They look especially nice alongside other romantic pieces such as fresh blossoms and strings of fairy lights, which add a soft glow to any space while creating an exquisite atmosphere throughout your restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Table Settings

If you’re a restaurant looking for the most romantic table settings to make your Valentine’s Day celebration extra special, it’s important to consider different options for decorations. A well-decorated restaurant can add a festive and romantic atmosphere to your Valentine’s Day dining. It can also be used to help create a memorable experience for your customers. So, let’s get into the details of some popular table settings for restaurants on Valentine’s Day:

Choose the Right Tablecloth

When selecting the most appropriate tablecloth for your restaurant during Valentine’s Day, you should consider the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. You can choose from a wide range of colors, fabrics and sizes. For example, white tablecloths exude a sense of elegance and may be more suitable for upscale restaurants while checkered designs can provide a more casual atmosphere.

It is important to know how many diners will be seated at each table as this will help you select the right size of tablecloth. To make your tables look more romantic, organize them into smaller clusters patterned after the shape of a heart instead of just one large table for all diners. Don’t forget to add matching napkins and placemats as well.

Linen is often used for formal occasions as it adds an luxury feel to any dining experience but is also susceptible to stains. If practicality is preferred, heavier cotton or polyester fabrics can be easier to clean and maintain than pure linen – although their appearance may not match that of linen’s classic understated elegance.

Use Place Settings with a Valentine’s Theme

Place settings are an essential part of creating a special atmosphere in your restaurant as they offer an opportunity to customize and enhance the overall dining experience. Decorating your restaurant for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to appeal to your customers and show appreciation for their patronage.

Adding romantic-themed decor to the table settings is the perfect way to set the tone for a romantic dinner. Think about incorporating colors like pink, red, and white into everything from plates to chair linens. If you have regular white dinner dishes, jazz them up with linens in bold shades of red or gold. Alternatively, add sweetness with sugar detailing on dessert plates that feature a variety of colors.

Unique glasses and vases in various shapes can also help transform your tablescape and create visual interest – think ribbons, bows, lace details and even charms on stemware! Have fun by pairing different cutlery like spoons with forks and tiny spoons that stand out against other tablewaares. Place mats can come in different sizes and fabric patterns that add texture when placed alongside placemats in similar material or color such as plan blush or burgundy materials.

You could also incorporate festive elements such as bright roses dotted around the centerpiece for subtle fragrance or if space permits – use lanterns or candles for a magical evening effect. Add flair by adding fun menus written on heart-shaped paper too for endearing effect! With these ideas there’s sure to be no shortage of love at the dining tables this Valentine’s season.

Add Special Touches to the Tables

Table settings play an essential part in the Valentine’s Day dining experience. Many restaurants choose to dress up the tables with special decorations to create the perfect romantic atmosphere. From tablecloths and napkins in coordinating colors and fabrics, to heart-shape decorations, here are some of the most popular Valentine’s Day table setting ideas for restaurants:

  • Tablecloths: A good quality linen or cotton-polyester blend is ideal for tablecloths as it drapes beautifully. Solid red is a traditional favorite among festive decorators, while white with red accents is a classic Valentine’s Day color combination. For extra pizazz, choose textured fabrics like red velvet, lace or taffeta with lots of flounces and bows that become part of the look.
  • Napkins: Using cloth napkins at restaurant tables adds an elegant touch to any restaurant setting. Red works especially well for napkins because it stands out on the white background of a plate; plus these bright colors will enhance your guests’ appetite. If you don’t want to commit too much to this special occasion, fold each napkin into a heart shape and tie it with a sparkly ribbon or bow before laying it on the table. You could even prepare several delightful designs such as swans or other birds that make great folding choices for special occasions!
  • Heart design elements: If you want your setting to be truly unique for your guests’ experience include hearts along with other special elements like flower vases and candles. Heart design elements can be printed fabric draped over sides or back of chairs or used as placemats that are placed under plates – all creative ways in which you can use this symbol of love while still keeping everything simple yet sophisticated. There are also heart shaped candle holders available too which add soft mood lighting when lit – perfect for cosy dinners! Additionally, floral arrangements made out of dried roses and rose petals help complete your chosen tablescape arrangement and make guests feel right at home during their dining experience – definitely conversation starters that romanticize their date night together!


Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity for restaurants to increase their profits by playing up their romantic atmosphere and creating a memorable experience for patrons. Decorating in accordance with the holiday provides an elevated sense of ambiance that only certain types of decorations can provide.

The most popular types of decorations used in restaurants on Valentine’s Day generally include:

  • Heart-shaped balloon décor
  • Floral arrangements
  • Candles

Additionally, the use of romantic music and special menu items can further enhance the overall vibe of a restaurant on this day of love. Restaurants can also use other Valentine’s-themed décor such as banners, streamers, flags, LED lights and more to create their own unique atmosphere. Whether you choose to go all out or decide to keep it simple, decorating your restaurant for Valentine’s Day is sure to be a customer favorite!