Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create an atmosphere of romance for that special someone. Whether you prefer gentle ballads, upbeat tunes or passionate melodies, there’s a wide variety of songs available to evoke a romantic mood. So why not make your Valentine’s Day dinner even more special by playing some of these most romantic songs?

There are so many great Valentine’s Day classics to choose from – from the bubblegum pop love-anthems such as ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin and 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’ To timeless classics like Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’ and Ella Fitzgerald’s iconic rendition of ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’. Luxuriate in the lush strings and surprisingly sensual lyrics of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ or be charmed by Norah Jones’ soothing vocals on ‘Don’t Know Why’. Add some soulful funk with Marvin Gaye’s unmistakable ‘Let’s Get It On’. There is something for everyone!

No matter what your genre preference might be, this selection of the most romantic songs will set just the right tone for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration.

What Restaurant has Music and is nice for Valentines Day

Whether you’re looking for music to play for a romantic dinner for two or for background music for a special event, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to enjoy some of the most romantic love songs ever written. Classics from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s will set the tone for a romantic evening, and contemporary tunes can add a modern twist. Here are some of the most romantic songs to play at a Valentine’s Day dinner:

“At Last” by Etta James

Released in 1960, “At Last” by Etta James is a romantic classic that will make your special someone’s heart melt. As the opening track to her first big hit album, At Last!, the song is an instantly recognizable timeless standard, and it topped the U.S. R&B chart for seven weeks in 1961. In 2004, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for its “lasting qualitative or historical significance”.

This beautiful and timeless ballad captures a lifetime of love with lyrics like “At last/my love has come along/My lonely days are over/and life is like a song.” The outro of the song makes it an ideal choice for wedding ceremonies and anniversaries as Etta James sings “And I said ‘Oh yes!/At last’. It’s one of the most popular songs ever created and has been covered by everyone from Beyonce to Rod Stewart.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley is a classic love song that is sure to make your special someone’s heart melt. Originally released in 1961, it has since become one of the most popular love songs of all time. Its heartfelt lyrics talk about the unconditional nature of love and how one should never take it for granted.

The song was written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss and is often associated with Elvis’ wedding proposal to Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967. It was later included in his soundtrack album Blue Hawaii which was released after his death in 1977.

This timeless track has been covered by countless artists over its 60-year history including UB40, Aly & AJ, Twenty One Pilots and even Justin Bieber who released a live performance version of the song on Valentine’s Day 2021.

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Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone or with your partner, playing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” on February 14th will make for an unforgettable romantic evening!

“My Girl” by The Temptations

Released in 1965, “My Girl” by The Temptations is a classic ode to romance. Written by one of the Motown’s greatest songwriters, Smokey Robinson, this soulful toe-tapper follows a man’s admiration and love for his girl. In the lyrics “I’ve got sunshine… on a cloudy day” Heartbreakingly sweet vocals from David Ruffin help lift your spirits and make this a timeless hit whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of year.

The backing track of drums, piano and brassy horns creates an infectious energy that makes this song even more irresistible. A perfect choice for playing at your Valentine’s Day dinner!

“Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé

“Crazy in Love” is an upbeat, romantic song by Beyoncé that perfectly captures the feeling of being madly in love. The song was released in 2003 as the lead single from Beyoncé’s debut album “Dangerously In Love”. It went on to become one of her most successful singles and has become a mainstay at weddings and Valentines Day celebrations.

Produced by hip-hop duo “Trackmasters”, who were both involved in the writing and production process, “Crazy In Love” combined elements of R&B, pop and hip-hop. The song samples The Chi-Lites’ 1970 hit record “Are You My Woman”, giving it a classic, soulful feel.

The music video features then-boyfriend Jay Z., as well as dance film footage featuring Beyonce dancing with her backing dancers. The video went on to be nominated for several awards including MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video and Best R&B Video.

The lyrics of “Crazy In Love” talk about new depths of emotion experienced when you are falling deeply in love with someone, leading to feelings that some may describe as madness – hence the title “Crazy In Love”! It’s certainly one of many songs romantic enough for any Valentine’s Day dinner playlist that reflect and celebrate this feeling of joyousness!

“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

“Thinking Out Loud” is a romantic song by Ed Sheeran, released as the third single off his second studio album “x” in 2014. The song topped the charts in multiple countries around the world and has become one of Sheeran’s most popular hits. The music video for the song was filmed in Luggala Castle, Ireland and features Sheeran’s then-partner, Cherry Seaborn.

The lyrics to “Thinking Out Loud” articulate the power of romantic love and its ability to stand the test of time – something that resonates perfectly with Valentine’s Day. They speak of an eternal commitment to someone else, both through thick and thin: “we found love right where we are/Oh, thinking out loud/Maybe we found love right where we are”. These lyrics make Thinking Out Loud an evergreen choice for celebrating romance on Valentine’s Day – it’s a timeless reminder of everlasting passion and love!

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Released in 1992, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for 14 consecutive weeks! An iconic song of enduring love that reverberates hard for anyone who hears it; this beautiful tune was written by Dolly Parton originally but given a mystical edge through Houston’s vocal delivery.

Although the lyrics certainly evoke love they weren’t explicitly written with Valentine’s Day in mind. The song speaks to greater themes of partnership, devotion and loss – which makes it perfect for any Valentine’s Day gathering! There is no other pop song more fitting for celebrating your abiding love than this classic hit.

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green is the perfect song to put on when you want to set the mood for some romance. The combination of Al Green’s sultry, smooth vocals with his optimistic message about shared love makes this a truly romantic classic. The soulful melody coupled with the simple piano accompaniment will be sure to give you and your partner a moment of sweet melodic bliss.

This Grammy Award-Winning track is sure to get stuck in your head, making it the perfect soundtrack for your Valentine’s Day dinner. So, put on some “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green and have a romantic night with your significant other this Valentine’s Day!

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

A timeless classic, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder is sure to be a hit at your Valentine’s Day dinner. This romantic track from 1973 is a perfect choice to set the mood for some heartfelt moments with your special someone.

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The song begins with upbeat piano and takes you on an emotional journey, as Stevie Wonder soulfully explains the joy his loved one brings him. As the lyrics go, “you are the apple of my eye/you bring me joy and make me smile/you are the sunshine of my life” it is easy to feel connected and moved by this beautiful track. The song has since been covered by numerous other artists, with notable versions including those by Stacey Kent and Michael Bublé.

Enjoy this classic romantic ballad at your next Valentine’s Day celebration!

“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole

“L-O-V-E” is a timeless classic composed by Milt Gabler, released in 1964 and made famous by Nat King Cole. With a simple yet meaningful melody, Cole’s innovative arrangement and his smooth, honeyed vocal performance make it one of the most recognizable love songs for Valentine’s Day.

It is a toe-tapping, upbeat tune which speaks about simple love. The lyrics explain how words are necessary in expressing feelings but only four words suffice when you want to tell someone how much you cherish your bond— “L-O-V-E”. It is sung in an easygoing swing style that expresses the fundamentals of life between two people—togetherness and affection. It talks about the joys of being with someone special that bring out emotions like laughing, crying and dreaming.

Despite its nearly sixty years since its release, “L-O-V-E” still retains its relevance through time and continues to be one of music’s most romantic love songs played at Valentine’s Day dinners today.

“I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder

“I Just Called to Say I Love You” is an all-time favorite, perfect Valentine’s Day hit. It was written, produced and performed by Stevie Wonder for the 1984 film The Woman in Red and it has since become one of the most beloved love songs of all time.

This classic ballad has an infectious groove and feel-good melody, making it instantly appealing to anyone who hears it. The song starts off with a groovy beat before transitioning into a dreamy, mid-tempo vocal track that carries smooth harmonies throughout the entire piece. It is melancholy yet confident, and full of genuine emotion that speaks straight to the heart. Complete with sparkling synthesizers, string sections and horns, Wonder creates an uplifting atmosphere with this song that makes it ideal for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day.

The lyrics are heartfelt and simple. As they tell the story of unrequited love and eternal devotion, they end with a reassuring message: “I just called to say I love you”. There are few more fitting things we can hear on Valentine’s Day than this important reminder from one of music’s greatest legends; so turn up the volume on this classic wonder and listen to it with your special someone – it will make for a memorable evening!


When it comes to setting the soundtrack for Valentine’s Day dinner, you can’t go wrong with these classic, romantic tunes. Whether its sweet crooning from the King of Pop or Bonnie Tyler’s inspirational smolder, your tunes will set the mood and add a touch of tenderness to your celebration.

Before you finalize your playlist, make sure to consider what kind of music best suits your relationship and how it will fit into the ambiance you want for your special day. Have some fun playing around with different genres until you find something that meshes perfectly with all the nuances and nuances of love. Above all else, just remember that whatever song you choose should make special memories that last long after February 14th has come and gone!