One reason why many choose not to tour the world is the idea of spending more than 10 hours on a plane. It may seem challenging to keep yourself occupied. However, with a little planning and creativity, there are numerous ways to make your long flight pass by quickly.

Regardless of your age or hobbies, which can include making the most of crazyvegas casino, we’ve compiled a list of 4 entertaining activities to do on a long flight.

Watch a Movie

Since life can get really hectic, a long flight is an ideal opportunity to see those sensational films you could not make time for. You may utilize the excellent movie options that the majority of reputable long-haul airlines provide. Websites like Amazon Prime and Netflix are also alternatives. You can watch an entire season of a new TV show in one sitting. Travel with your own noise-cancellation headphones for an even greater experience.

Listen to Podcasts

Another great way to kill time is to listen to podcasts. These are available in a wide range of genres like comedy, self-help, politics, and football. Find a program you truly enjoy, and you won’t even realize how much time has passed.

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You can keep your eyes shut while listening to your top hosts talk about topics that excite you. Ensure you download a ton before traveling. It is possible that the in-flight Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough for downloads.

Learn a Language

It is necessary to pick up a few essential local words in the language of your intended location. Your long flight is a fantastic chance to do so! There are different kinds of apps available that can teach you a new language. You can learn the fundamentals (such as thank you, hello, and goodbye) in a fun, engaging way. This is especially helpful when traveling to regions with a vibrant bilingual culture.

Play a Game

Playing a game like the best aussie casino online is a surefire method to keep yourself entertained. The best thing about this strategy is that it works even if you are traveling with a friend, significant other, kids, or your entire family. You may also engage the person sitting next to you.

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The majority of in-flight entertainment packages entail an entire category devoted to games. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and video games, to name but a few. You may also download your favorite games on your iPads and tablets. Playing online pokies can be a great way to relax and have fun.


Long-haul flights provide you with the chance to explore the world and visit great locations. It doesn’t have to be boring. All these tips are tried and true; they will keep you busy and entertained on your next long-haul flight.