Whether you have dabbled in painting as a child or have always admired the beauty of video game design, embarking on an art journey may be a thrilling adventure that has the potential to bring immense joy. But where do you even begin? If you’re struggling what that exact question, read on as we guide you throughout this article.

How to Begin Your Art Journey

Just like with anything else, starting out is the most challenging step but with the right mindset and approach, anyone can begin with confidence. While there is no clear-cut route, it’s best to start one step at a time – picking a medium should be the first step. Opting to focus on just one medium can make it seem less daunting rather than inundating oneself with too much work at once.

Consider anything that is interesting, without being limited to just art but also other hobbies. For instance, for those who play online games like baccarat real money, it can be an interesting experience to learn the art behind it and how art and gambling have inspired each other. A great example would be the Dogs Playing Poker series by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, and thanks to the 24/7 accessibility of online casinos, their rise in popularity is only predicted to grow.

Alternatively, for those interested more in hands-on hobbies like gardening, consider traditional mediums like working with clay, where artists can get their hands dirty and feel their art. Make sure to think about what feels natural and enjoyable before making any decisions, as this will make the learning process much smoother.

Once the medium has been chosen, start experimenting and exploring different techniques. Beginners should focus on enjoying the process rather than perfecting the art at this stage and start developing their own style when they’re more comfortable.


And don’t forget to invest in quality art supplies that suit the chosen medium. This could include paints, brushes, canvases or paper, pencils, or drawing stylus – whatever tools are required. Don’t worry about buying the most expensive materials at this point, and prioritize honing the necessary skills instead.

Furthermore, artists should look for inspiration everywhere they go, from nature walks to museums, and keep an open mind to spark creativity. There are plenty of places to find inspiration all around. Pay attention, regardless of location, to eye-catching colors, shapes, and patterns, as they could serve as the starting point for the next masterpiece.

Starting out on an art journey may seem daunting initially but take one step at a time while enjoying the process passionately!

How to Grow as an Artist

Growing as an artist is a continuous journey, from honing skills to finding a unique voice in the art world. Ensure to set aside dedicated time for practice each day or week, as consistency is key when it comes to improving any type of skill, even if it’s just 15 minutes of sketching or dabbling in paint experiments.

Another important step is to display the artwork. Finding the right platform is crucial in gaining exposure and receiving feedback from other artists, along with locating potential buyers.

One option is to join online communities such as DeviantArt, where artists can create a portfolio, interact with other artists, receive feedback on their work, and potentially even sell their artwork. Social media platforms like Instagram are another great alternative. However, any account created should be solely dedicated to the art itself, be it the final product or behind-the-scenes pictures/videos of the process of creating it.


Additionally, consider participating in local art exhibitions or galleries. Showcasing any artwork should be approached as an ongoing process rather than a one-time event so that it reaches different audiences across various platforms, both online and offline.

Last but not least, artists should embrace failure as part of the process. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks or disappointing results; instead, use them as motivation to keep pushing forward. Growth takes time – don’t rush the process.

Why You Should Start an Art Journey

Art can bring countless benefits; after all, it has the power to transform lives and ignite a sense of fulfillment like no other. And this goes for amateurs, professionals, and art aficionados alike. Art can be incredibly therapeutic as a form of stress relief, it can help individuals relax by allowing the mind to focus solely on the present moment, providing much-needed respite.

It provides a platform for self-discovery and self-expression, allowing inner thoughts and emotions to come alive regardless of the medium. Art also opens up endless possibilities for personal growth by learning about oneself and developing valuable skills along the way.

On a more social note, art creates opportunities for connection with others who share similar interests. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways, such as joining art communities online or participating in local workshops. Meeting fellow artists may lead to more inspiration along with added support throughout artistic pursuits.


By following the steps outlined in this article, going forth confidently on this exciting artistic journey will seem less difficult. Embrace creativity wholeheartedly while nurturing patience both as an artist and an individual – your masterpiece awaits.