Glasgow is the largest city of British autonomous Scotland, and it is a real cultural, political, and historical center of the country. It is located in the western region of the central part of the state on the river called the Clyde. The population living here is more than 620 thousand people. Glasgow was founded in the middle of the sixth century, and in the Middle Ages, it was considered an educational and religious Scottish center. After the revolution, the city began to play an important role in British industry, and then the scale of development only increased.

How to Get Here?

The only way to visit Glasgow is to come here by plane. But there are no direct flights, so you’ll either have to arrive in London first or make a connection to a major European city: Glasgow itself has an international airport that regularly receives planes from major airlines. If you arrive in London first, Glasgow is a five-hour train ride from here. There are also buses, but it will take you longer to get there – about eight hours.

Where to Stay in Glasgow?

Glasgow has quite a lot of hotels, and their “stardom” varies from three to five. Budget hotels offer comfortable rest in rooms with necessary amenities. And five-star, more expensive hotels offer service at the highest level with saunas, spa centers, swimming pools, and bars.


It is most convenient to move around the city by public transportation: its network is well-developed. Electric trains, buses, and streetcars run through the territory. In addition, there is a subway. Cabs and other accommodations are expensive. Well, the city is so full of sights that you will have no time to stay in your hotel room and gamble at the Bizzo Casino!

What to Do in Glasgow?

This city will please with a huge number of options for pastimes for every taste. Take a stroll in one of Glasgow’s many parks: there are about seventy of them in Glasgow, all clean, green, and beautiful. It’s a pleasure to walk around. Be sure to go to one of the theaters: it is not without reason that Glasgow is considered the cultural center not only of Scotland but also of Great Britain. The repertoire here is huge and varied, so you will choose a play to your taste and get a pleasant experience from the talented actors. Also, in the city, there is an incredible number of galleries and museums. Do you want to be culturally enlightened and spend time with the benefit for your general development? Then be sure to set aside at least a day to visit exhibitions.


Glasgow has an incredibly vibrant festival scene, with events taking place throughout the year. This means that you have a great chance to attend a festival and immerse yourself in the all-encompassing atmosphere of festivities that engulfs locals and visitors alike. The nightlife of Glasgow’s youth is also active: many bars, nightclubs, and cinemas have been built in the city. And these places are open even at night, so if you can’t sleep, have fun!

Do you want to learn as much as possible about the city, its peculiarities, development, and history? Then, by all means, go on one of the excursions. If you choose something interesting, you will not be bored.

Here Is Our Bucket List of the Most Spectacular Glasgow Sights

  1. The Glasgow Science Center is a very interesting place, consisting of three buildings at once: a modern cinema, a laboratory, and a tower rotating around the axis.
  2. The most impressive bridges (there are quite a few in Glasgow, too) are Overtoun, St. Andrew’s, and St. Victor’s, the “Slant” over the River Clyde.
  3. Existing for over two hundred years, the Botanic Gardens of the Scottish center are also worth a visit: there are incredibly beautiful and rare plants from all over the planet.
  4. Listing the interesting places of the city, it is worth mentioning its parks, and the most popular are Glasgow Green, Kelvingrove, and Queens.
  5. A variety of museums are dedicated to different areas of Glasgow’s interesting life: schools, rural life, Scottish soccer, religious life, and art.
  6. Numerous galleries showcase the works of some of the world’s most famous artists of all time. Visit the Gallery of Modern Art, People’s Palace, Pollock Manor, McLellan Gallery, Kelvingrove, and others.
  7. Glasgow also has many picturesque churches: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Church of the Holy Cross, and St. Aloysius Church.

Knowing what to do and where to go in Glasgow, you can plan your trip and make it full of impressions and unforgettable memories. All that remains is to wish you a pleasant and memorable vacation!

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