As gaming fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to games, their expectations are also rising. This means that they want to play new and exciting games that keep them engaged for a long time. One game that has satisfied gamers need for fun, unique games is Slingo which has a long standing and rich history. In this context, it is worth exploring the exciting new world of Slingo to see what makes it so appealing to gaming enthusiasts.

Firstly, Slingo is a game that combines the elements of bingo and slots. As modern technology has resulted in the creation of online casinos, these types of games can now be played online and from your smartphone which means they can be played at any time and from anywhere. Released in 1994, the main idea of Slingo is that gamers receive a 5×5 grid that resembles a bingo card. However, there are also reels that are below it that are like those found in slot games. It is typically a combination of 75-ball bingo and a five-reel slot. Despite the fact that Slingo is quite new to the gaming market, it has already amassed numerous followers all around the world with many variations of Slingo coming out every year.

Furthermore, one of the best slingo bingo games that gaming fans should check out is ‘Slingo Super Spin’. When the correct numbers appear on the screen, this game gives players the ability to match any number on the grid while still providing the familiar Slingo experience. On top of this, ‘Slingo Super Spin’ is extremely exciting as there are many chances to win during the game. One thing that makes this game incredibly thrilling is the ambience as well as the catchy sounds that are played in the background. With amazing symbols such as the Gold Disc Super Wild Symbol, gamers are never bored as the game is full of surprises.


In addition, ‘Slingo Rakin’ Bacon’ is another amazing slot game that takes its inspiration from the vintage jackpot game from American Gaming Systems by Gaming Realms. The gameplay is thrilling with a golden pig adorning a top hat flashing across the screen as you acquire coins. This game never gets boring either as there are 15 spins on three different stages. It is the perfect choice for those Slingo fans who have already played a number of similar games as this one stands out in many ways. There are also a myriad of bonus symbols that come up on the reels when free spins are able to be selected.

For those who consider themselves to be a Slingo expert and have tried a huge volume of Slingo games, ‘Slingo Elf Blitz’ is a great choice. As a recent release, this game gets Slingo fans excited for Christmas and the holiday period as it includes iconography and themes relating to Christmas. It requires gamers to pick an elf and make their way to win rewards including a jackpot reward. Full of festivity and excitement, this game is played over an icy 5×5 grid of randomly generated numbers. With festive colours such as red, blue and green, there are opportunities for players to make their way up the reward ladder by getting a line of matched numbers.

Moreover, if you are considering playing Slingo, it is advisable to keep an eye out for the various symbols that could crop up. Of course, these symbols can vary according to which game you are playing but it is beneficial to be able to recognise them in case they do. Firstly, the free spin symbol appears in many Slingo games which creates an additional chance of completing a Slingo. Another exciting symbol is the Joker which usually crops up as the letter ‘J’. This allows players to mark off any number in the same column, making it easier to complete lines. If there is an instance where three Jokers appear at the same time, they are able to trigger an instant cash prize. A Super Joker symbol may also crop up and this is an enhanced version of the Joker symbol. Permitting gamers to mark off any number on the board, it offers players the chance to win even more rewards.


Overall, it is clear to see that the demand for new, fresh and unique games is more pressing than ever. In this landscape, Slingo has emerged as an incredibly popular game with many variations that have satisfied every type of gamer. From Slingo games such as ‘Slingo Super Spin’ and ‘Slingo Elf Blitz’, the list is endless when it comes to Slingo games that can be played. In the future, as more people become interested in games that combine slots and bingo, there should be an even more bountiful selection of Slingo games available on the market to choose from.