Formula 1, with its intense and fast-paced action, is an exciting sport to follow and a popular choice for betting enthusiasts. With F1 betting, you can dive into a world of adrenaline and strategy, and in this guide we will explore how you can get involved in Formula 1 betting at non GamStop bookmakers.

Below is an overview of all 24 2024 Formula 1 season rounds. The table includes the dates, locations, and names of each race. For more detailed information on each Grand Prix, visit the official Formula 1 website.





Pre-season testing

21-23 Feb


Formula 1 Aramco Pre-Season Testing 2024


29 Feb – 02 Mar


Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024


07-09 Mar

Saudi Arabia

Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2024


22-24 Mar


Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2024


05-07 Apr


Formula 1 MSC Cruises Japanese Grand Prix 2024


19-21 Apr


Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024


03-05 May

United States

Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix 2024


17-19 May


Formula 1 MSC Cruises Gran Premio Dell’Emilia-Romagna 2024


24-26 May


Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco 2024


07-09 June


Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2024


21-23 June


Formula 1 Aramco Gran Premio De España 2024


28-30 June


Formula 1 Qatar Airways Austrian Grand Prix 2024


05-07 July

Great Britain

Formula 1 Qatar Airways British Grand Prix 2024


19-21 July


Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix 2024


26-28 July


Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 2024


23-25 Aug

The Netherlands

Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2024


30 Aug – 01 Sep


Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio D’Italia 2024


13-15 Sep


Formula 1 Qatar Airways Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024


20-22 Sep


Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2024


18-20 Oct

United States

Formula 1 Pirelli United States Grand Prix 2024


25-27 Oct


Formula 1 Gran Premio De La Ciudad De México 2024


01-03 Nov


Formula 1 Lenovo Grande Prêmio De São Paulo 2024


21-23 Nov

United States

Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024

What Makes F1 Betting So Exciting?

Formula 1, known for its unpredictability and high-speed excitement, offers a unique and dynamic arena for betting. What makes F1 betting particularly exciting is the combination of the sport’s unpredictable nature and the various betting options it offers.


In Formula 1, a single moment, whether it’s an unexpected overhaul, a technical fault, or changes in weather conditions, can dramatically change the race’s outcome. This adds an element of tension and uncertainty that is hard to find in other sports.

When you bet on Formula 1, you can bet on various outcomes. This includes not only predicting the winner of the race but also a number of other markets, such as who will achieve the fastest lap, which team will win the championship, or how individual drivers will perform against each other. These betting options allow both beginners and experienced players to find exciting opportunities that suit their knowledge and interests.

F1 betting at non GamStop bookmakers can be technical, but that’s exactly why we’ve created this guide. Here, we will explore everything you need to know about betting on Formula 1. We will start with basic tips for beginners, such as understanding the odds and choosing the right races to bet on. We then move on to more advanced strategies for experienced players, such as analyzing race data, driver history, and track conditions.

Formula One World Championship Season

If you’re into cars and motorsport, it resembles Formula 1. It’s the top motorsport class, and the first season was held as early as 1950. Over 70 years later, F1 is more popular than ever, and millions of fans catch the big races and championships. A whopping 470 million viewers saw them in 2019. It is also the most watched motorsport on TV.

The biggest event in F1 is the Formula One World Championship Season, which consists of a series of worldwide races. These races are called Grand Prix. Among the major Grand Prix races are the British and Italian Grand Prix and the annual Monaco Grand Prix held at the Circuit de Monaco. Formula 1 is in a class of its own regarding motorsport, and many of the biggest motorsport stars of all time come from F1.

Explore the Variety Of Betting Opportunities In Formula 1

Formula 1 offers a rich range of betting opportunities that go far beyond betting on the winner of a race. This variety of betting options makes each Grand Prix a unique opportunity for excitement and potential profit.

Innovative Betting Options in F1

Of course, you can bet on the winner in F1, but there are also several other betting options. Bring these with you to explore the possibilities.

● Matchups: This bet type offers an exciting twist by comparing two drivers directly against each other. It’s not just about who wins the race but who outperforms who in a head-to-head duel on the track.

● Outrights: Long-term betting on who will win an entire tournament or season provides a deeper involvement in the sport. This requires a good understanding of the teams’ and drivers’ form and potential.


● Car brands: In Formula 1, car performance is critical. By betting on which car brand will win, you dive into a world of technical finesse and engineering.

● Constructor Championship: Here, you can bet on which team will dominate the season. This tests the drivers’ skills and the team’s ability to deliver state-of-the-art racing cars.

More Excitement with Live F1 Odds

Live betting transforms the way you experience a Formula 1 race. With odds that change in real-time, live betting allows you to react to the dynamics of the race and place bets based on live events on the track. This adds an extra dimension to the gaming experience and allows you to utilize your knowledge and intuition.