Extending a home can be an exhilarating project. Most homeowners overlook the expansive potential of utilizing their home’s perimeter through a wrap around extension. This type of extension not only aids in increasing floor area but also allows a creative reimagination of your home’s structure. Here, we shall present some ingenious tips that can help you maximize space while considering a house extension.

Consider Desired Use of Space

Before commencing extension work, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of your primary motivation and purpose for extending. If you anticipate more guest visits, a room addition can be a perfect plan. For jogging enthusiasts, crafting a home gym can be an excellent idea. Furthermore, knowing your pain points helps in deciding the valuable solution, budget planning and overall design concept that will meet your requirement.

Opt for Open-Plan Living

Open-plan living has become a preferred choice for many owing to its inclusive environment. This style removes non-loading bearing walls, creating a fluid space that unifies different living functions such as the kitchen, dining and living room. This particular design is perfect for the wrap-around extension – allowing a seamless continuity from the house to the extension.

Use Light to Enhance Space

Light, both natural and artificial, is an essential element in making an area seem larger and more welcoming. For extensions, it is wise to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Skylights or large glass windows can be perfect for this task. Furthermore, selecting the right type of lighting fixture for certain spots can increase the visual size of an area. Pendant lights, for instance, can create an illusion of height while recessed light makes a space feel wider.

Utilize the Vertical Space

Many homeowners often focus on just the floor space while neglecting a vital part – the vertical space. This space can be efficiently managed with features like vertical gardens or shelves which also increase the aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, utilizing vertical space is an excellent way to maximize your wrap around extension as it boosts the space without drastically changing the footprint of the building.

Blend Interior with Exterior

Incorporating the outdoor environment into your extension blends the boundary between indoor and outdoor. This seamless combination can give an impression of an enlarged space. You can achieve this by introducing large sliding doors or floor-to-ceiling glass windows in your extension. During beautiful weather, these features can be opened, creating a unified space.

Choose Appropriate Furniture and Decor

Picking the right furniture pieces and decor can also help in maximizing your space. Opt for furniture that has multiple functions or built-in storage. The right choice of color can visually enhance the area, too. Lighter tones are known to give an illusion of a bigger and airy space.


House extensions can drastically enhance your living experience and increase your property’s value. The key lies in proper planning and thoughtful design. Following the previously mentioned tips would go a long way towards achieving a successful house extension project.