Fantasy sports is a relatively recent development but it has already become popular. It is centered on virtual tournaments that take place in real time. The 1xbit1 mobile app offers its users the opportunity to bet on fantasy sports, which makes the gambling experience even more exciting.

Basic Features

Simply imagine that the team brings together only the best athletes of a certain discipline (for instance, soccer). This is impossible in real life, yet everything is different in the virtual world.


Gamblers become managers of the sports team. The lineup must be very strong if they want to win. However, things depend on the available game budget. Each character has a personal rating and some accumulated points. The mechanics are unusual. The gambler conducts real competitions and earns points to improve the team’s performance.

Fans from all over the world create communities dedicated to fantasy sports.

Varieties of Fantasy Sports

Sporting events vary according to the following parameters:

  • Discipline. The main fields are basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and biathlon. There are no restrictions indeed: everything is driven by the players’ fantasy.
  • Duration of the league. It varies and may be a day, a week, a month, or a season. It is recommended to check the duration when choosing a tournament.


  • Format. The game can be played one-on-one, 50/50. In some situations, there are many participants in the league but not everyone wins.
  • The type of prizes. Some tournaments are held with cash prizes. In some cases, sports equipment can be won. The availability of rewards and their types are set in advance, so you can immediately figure out what you can expect.

Such differences should be taken into account.

Rules: Points to Keep in Mind

So far, there are no single set of rules recognized by everyone. Rules are defined by the tournament organizer, so they may differ dramatically. Therefore, participants are recommended to explore the rules and only then proceed to make up teams in the league of their choice. Mostly the rules determine the importance of different athletes.

Everything turns out to be very simple. It is necessary to create a team of strong athletes in a certain championship, and their number does not always correspond to the number of athletes in the real competition format.

During the tournament, players will be awarded points. To win, you need to gain more points than the others.

There are high chances of winning in fantasy sports, but still, knowledge of sports discipline plays an important role. For instance, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the results of the athletes to evaluate their current physical condition. It is recommended to select players on the basis of a well-developed strategy and taking into account the rules set by the organizer of the league.

After thorough preparation, just watch the matches and follow the results of the created team. The successes or failures of the team will determine the position of the fantasy sports tournament participant.