African Wildlife Painting of Zebra by South African Artist for Sale at Arcy Art Original Oil Paintings

African wildlife oil painting of Zebra titled The Hunt. African Wildlife Paintings, Oil Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Oil Painting of Zebra, Affordable Original Oil Paintings of African Wildlife by South African Artist at Arcy Art Original Oil Paintings..
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Original African Wildlife Paintings - Wildlife Oil Painting of Zebra

original oil painting of zebra
Dimensions of Oil Painting - 61cm x 46cm ( 24"w x 18"h)
Title - ' The Hunt '
Price of African Wildlife Painting - ZAR 1450
( USD 260 )

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Wildlife Oil Painting of Zebra
I started this painting with the idea of only painting the Zebra on its hindlegs in an African savanna but I decided to add bushman paintings to it and it evolved into this final product. The painting combines the ancient and the modern and could be seen as telling a story of a great hunt that took place.

The oil painting was done on a stretched canvas with a painted raised edge of about 1,4 inches - the painting can therefore be hanged as is and you do not have to spend money on a frame for the oil painting.

Facts about the Zebra
The Zebra can reach a height of 1,3 meters and a mass of between 300 and 320 kg. The life expectancy of the Zebra is approximately twenty years. You will find Zebras mostly together in large numbers on the open plains where they feed in close proximity of each other. The Zebra is a grazer and feeds mostly on short grass. The digestive system of the Zebra is adapted to gain maximum nutrition from the coarse grass it eats while at the same time processing a large quantity of fodder.

The Zebras are very alert animals often able to detect predators in time to flee from them. Zebra herds stampede in large groups to make it difficult for individuals to be isolated and caught. If a Zebra gets isolated and is in trouble of being caught by a predator, it has one last line of defense. Just before it is caught it instinctively lets lose with a powerful back kick, often injuring an inexperienced predator in the process and thereby surviving the attack.

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