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Drawn from the Greek origin of the word, calligraphy can be described simply as the art of beautiful writing. A more contemporary definition would be the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner.

Altough calligraphy is an ancient art form; it is still popular today for use in event invitations, font design, original hand-lettered logo design, commissioned calligraphic art, testimonials, maps and other art works involving writing.

The principal tool for a calligrapher is the brush and/or pen which may be flat or round-nibbed. The ink used for calligraphy writing is usually water-based and less viscous than oil based inks in printing. The use of high quality paper is recommended as it will ensure cleaner lines.

The Oxford Companion to Art defines calligraphy as the "art of fine writing". Calligraphic in drawing and painting is used to describe those marks on the scale and movement of handwriting. The marks are made like handwriting and have the same kind of personal identity and individual mark. The movement of the hand and the mark is easy, flowing, unbroken and rhythmic. The mark is linear and independent of any descriptive function. Calligraphic as an adjective applies to the artist's handling. In drawing it describes a work that is freely and rythmically treated and in painting it describes free and loose brushwork.

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