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Archive of Previous Art Exhibitions in South Africa - Closed February 2013

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Group Exhibition
Date: 13 Jan - 9 Feb 2013
Venue: The Cape Gallery, 60 CHURCH STREET CAPE TOWN 8001,
TEL: +27 21 4235309, FAX: +27 21 424906
On the street, on the beach, on the mountain or in quiet reflection in the studio; Helen van Stolk, Mandy McKay and Veronica Reid share a capacity for keen observation and the ability to translate a scene that peaks their interest into the medium of their choice.


Keith Joubert and Dylan Lewis 
Date: 14 February 2013
Venue: The Everard Read Gallery 
6 Jellicoe Avenue • Rosebank  • Johannesburg • 2196 • South Africa
Private Bag 5 • Parklands • 2121 • South Africa
Tel +27 (0)11 788-4805  Fax +27 (0)11 788-5914

Photography by Ivan Ballack
Date: 27 February 2013 – 1 March 2013
Venue: THE BALLACK ART HOUSE, 246 Hay Street, Brooklyn, PTA
(+27) 834 603 116
Ivan hunts for the invisible, looking for treasures that have been forgotten; giving the viewer the opportunity to experience vintage objects and risky environments in a fresh way.

Fingers In The Outlet
Date: 29 January - 9 February
Venue: ROOM + URBANART PROJECT - Space No 3, 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
The exhibition consists of a series of ‘domestic investigations’ into the concept of Bricolage. It is a hands-on, exploratory practice that is performed within a domestic setting and through the objects and materials characteristic of this space. The primary intent of exploring this concept is to acquire a physical and conceptual understanding of these objects as mechanisms of expression. The title of the show, Fingers In The Outlet, is an allusion to the curiosity and inquisitiveness that is carried out with whatever is on hand. It refers to an interruption of flow or the creation of a space through intervention, linking up to the character of experimentation that enables this process.

Performing 'man' - Derek Zietsman
Date: 19 January - 2 February
Venue: Fried Contemporary Art Gallery & Studio, Pretoria, South Africa
t: +27 12 3460158, info@friedcontemporary.com, www.friedcontemporary.com
Performing ‘man’ falls within the ambit of social commentary, and the drawing style is therefore purposefully naturalistic, facilitating the legibility required of the conventions of social commentary, within the broad ambit of social realism. The artist’s intention is for the viewer to recognise the imagery represented and the social commentary intended as constructs of not only white male performativity, but also of constructed, indexical and self-reflexive marks on paper. The series of prints are themed from the artist’s lived experiences and observations of socio-political change in South Africa over two decades.




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