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Francisca Alika - Artist From Nigeria - Paintings

francisca alika nigerian artist paintings

francisca alika nigerian artist paintings

Francisca Alika

Media - Acrylic, Mixed media, Ink and Oil Painting
Email - frankies3000@yahoo.com

Through the twists and turns in my art career, I've faced many challenges that have made my appreciation for art the way it is today. Confidence is the main key to developing art that satisfies you.  I have had to face this problem many times and have recently struggled with it. I believe if anyone is without confidence, the work is without true work from within you. Some artist's are in it to just please others, but I believe you must first please yourself before you can please others. It’s not the ability of the artist but it is the will and strength the artist has within himself or herself to create the piece that reflects and inspires the artist to be an artist.
My aim it is to project the African art and promote better understanding of African culture.

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