original oil paintings by south african artist

Laura Kaufman Weisbord - Artist From Canada - Glass Art

laura kaufman weisbord canadian artist

laura kaufman weisbord canadian artist

laura kaufman weisbord canadian artist

Laura Kaufman Weisbord

Media - Glass Art
Website - http://www.laurakaufmanweisbord.com/
Email - laurakaufman@shaw.ca

The artist at work is engaged in an interplay between mind, heart, hand and material. A master remains his apprentice forever. While craft can be taught, art is not teachable. Art is learnable. Accomplished mastery alone never leads to a great work of art, but a great work of art without mastery is hard to think of. I was once asked which of my works I would regard the best. "The work which I may start tomorrow," was my answer. Work processes are more important than products. Processes keep us alive, because we have no time to think of time. The artist as teacher has a responsibility to create an environment that is stimulating, enhances knowledge, and feels safe to the student who is seeking their purpose and vision. It is a dance between the artist-to-be and the artist that is - a dance of joy. The four elements that are the cornerstone of a rich art education include: Art History, Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Art Making.

Art need not be true in the literal sense. Yet art should be believable. Art makes the world perceptible in new ways, and art itself, in a way offers a new reality. The act of making a work of art can set us into a state without time. To its maker it can give the inner joy of a committed work. An offering to Life.

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