original oil paintings by south african artist

Maria Kitano - Artist From Germany - Oil Painting, Watercolors, Drawing

Maria Kitano german artist

Maria Kitano german artist

Maria Kitano german artist

Maria Kitano

Media - Oil Painting, Watercolors, Drawing
Website - http://www.tweeart.net/
Email - info@tweeart.net

I have been painting and drawing since childhood, using various techniques , going from pencil and graphite to pastels , watercolors and finally oils which I like the most.
There is no complicated philosophical explanation about my paintings , the whole sense of my work is to communicate an emotion to you by watching a painting .

My work is a celebration of life, inspired from things I see every day , things that most of us do not pay much attention to.
My daily experiences: watching the sky , a bird , conversations, media, photos, television, memories, are reduced to abstract shapes and colors which allow me to show what I feel is important and beautiful.
Abstraction is the way I come closest to representing the world around.

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