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Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo - Artist From Nigeria - Paintings, Drawings

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo nigerian artist paintings

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo nigerian artist paintings

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo nigerian artist paintings

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo

Media - Paintings, Drawings
Email - oluwanbe1@yahoo.com
Website - www.ArtWanted.com/olubzart

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo was born into the family of Mr. Omotoso Amodu, on 19th March 1983 in Lagos State Nigeria; He was the First son, and the third of six in the family.

He begins his Education Career, on February 19th,in the year 1989 in Lagos Nigeria, at St Jude Anglican Primary School Ebute Meta Lagos Nigeria.

After his Graduation from the Primary School level, he the proceed his Education Career to Oke Odo High School Oke Odo Lagos Nigeria too in the year 1994.

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo is said to have gotten the Talent Of Art, right from his young Age His love for Art, was so high, but he had never knew this, until he had discovered this Special Talent in him,

He Believes that he could do what he would do and God his always be at his side in all his doing so that to making him to be Excel in all his doing, and he always doing paintings nearly everyday as to gain more knowledge, and this as everyday helping him in all his doing.

Amodu Oluwanbe Ojo was in the Science Department, throughout his studies in the High School, after his Graduation from the High School, as a Science Student he believes that he could do Art as he had already gotten the little Talent of doing it.... So he started Art Making, in the Year 2002 as he had devoted what is called self training to himself, he used to Paintings everyday and this had really help him a lot in the field of Art Making. He also knows little about other aspects in Art Field like Metal work, Ceramics, Sculpture, Textiles Designs Greeting Cards, and many more on the Field he had painted with many Mediums but not all Mediums. And he's interested in one that will be of a Mentor for him all over the World.

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