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Garth S. Palanuk - Artist From Canada - Watercolour Paintings

Garth S. Palanuk canadian artist paintings

Garth S. Palanuk canadian artist paintings

Garth S. Palanuk canadian artist paintings

Garth S. Palanuk canadian artist paintings

Garth S. Palanuk

Media - Watercolour Paintings
Phone - 204-669-2340
Email - gspalanuk@shaw.ca
Website - www.garthpalanuk.com

A retired aerospace executive, Garth has drawn and painted most of his life. Garth's favourite subject at school was Art. Garth took up drafting as a vocation in his early years and later received his diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the Manitoba Institute of Technology.

Work and travel took him away from his art for a few years but he never lost the sight of his dream to pursue art in a fashion he could only imagine.  

Garth pursued his art interests using regular pencils and coloured pencils, ink, pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolour, the latter being his passion. His art subjects include landscapes, structures, people (posed and non-posed), animals and abstracts, each with its own unique challenge.

People are his passion and he has had been commissioned to do portraits as well as other subjects. Garth spent two years in Uganda, East Africa, teaching school at which time he kept his art alive by drawing or painting the people, places and animals he encountered.

He has sold his works in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the U.K., Ireland, Scotland, the United States and Canada.

Garth is a member of the Local Colour Art Group and the Arts Council of Selkirk, Manitoba. He is a member of the Eastern Manitoba Artists Co-op. He is part of the team that was responsible in establishing the "Art Rocks" group, a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing an exhibition and outlet for amateur artists.




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