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Colin Perini - Artist From Australia - Acrylic Paintings

colin perini australian artist paintings

colin perini australian artist paintings

colin perini australian artist paintings

Colin Perini

Media - Acrylic Paintings
PO BOX 1166, Broadbeach
Gold Coast, Queensland 4218
Phone - 0755382677
Email - art@colinperini.com
Website - http://www.colinperini.com

My work pays tribute to the glory and wonder of the beautiful sea and its dancing partner, the sky. The land, sand, rocks and distant hills are incidental in my art. They are only the dance floor for this ever-changing play of nature. The nebulousness of water is my great attraction. I capture this moving mass of unpredictability in a frozen moment.

I use a very limited palette to give a naturalness and continuity of colour. My work is not an abstraction of nature. It is a realistic representation of one moment in its infinite variety of expression.

All of my paintings are done with equal passion, enthusiasm and skill. My work is based on a firm 20 years of art experience, hence I consistently produce beautiful, quality sea art of a very high standard.

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