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Beate Sandor - Artist From Austria - Paintings, Photography

beate sandor austrian artist paintings

beate sandor austrian artist paintings

beate sandor austrian artist paintings

Beate Sandor

Media - Paintings, Photography
Belvederegasse 35/15
A-1040 Wien
Email - info@beatesandor.com
Website - http://www.studio-sandor.com

- conceptual paintings basend on circle segments
- concert photography

  • Born in Hungary, lives since 1987 in Vienna, Austria
  • Study at the  the High School of Fine and Applied Arts, Budapest
  • Master class for photography and painting
  • Hungarian State Prize for Photography
  • Study at the Austrian Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna
  • Master class for Graphik, by Prof. Ernst Caramelle
  • Fellowship by the Soros Foundation, New York
  • Membership of the Foundation  IAPMA,
  • (International Association of Papermakers and Artists),
  • Participation at the IAPMA congress in Basel, Switzerland (1991)
  • Co-founder and member of eigenart
  • Public purchase by the City of Vienna
  • Participation at an art auction, Museum of Modern Arts,
  • Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna
  • Project grants, and public purchase by the Federal Chancellery [A]
  • Participation at an art auction, Dorotheum, Vienna, catalogue
  • Circle in square, catalogue
  • Purchase by the Friends of Visual Arts Society Art Collection, Vienna
  • Purchase by the Bank Creditanstalt AG Art Collection, Vienna
  • Purchase by the Wr. Städtische Versicherung AG Art Coll., Vienna
  • Art Grant by the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York
  • Honore Award by the International Cultural Union, Israel
  • Invited artists lecture at the CCAC
  • (California College of Arts and Crafts), San Francisco, USA
  • Membership of VBK, The Artists Rights Society in Austria
  • A. and E. Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Assistance Grant, New York
  • Public purchase by the City of Vienna
  • Purchase by the Wr. Städtische Versicherung AG Art Coll., Vienna
  • supported studio by the City of Vienna
  • Publikation of the book: "the seven prayers"
  • Membership of IAC (International Art Collective) Barcelona, Spain
  • Project grants by the Federal Chancellery [A]
  • prize-winner of the 1st International Cyprus Art Exhibition
  • Invitation and participation at the II. International Meeting of Publications", Vortice, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Participation at the World Trade Center Site Memorial
  • Design Competition, New York
  • An inspiration and study journey to Chicago
  • "Can You Find A Circle?" - class program (March 22-25.) about my circle concept at the The Children´s Museum of Cleveland
  • Two years contract with the Gallery Lux in Chicago
  • Cover design and photos to the LIVE music DVD "Liz Mandville
  • Greeson & The Blue Points at Kingston Mines, Chicago 2005"
  • First time presentation of the movie at the Gallery Ariadne, Vienna
  • Membership of UNCAV – Press (United Nations Correspondents Association – Vienna), freelancer photo journalist by Jazzzeit
  • Honoured artist by MIAD Venado Tuerto 2006, Argentina
  • Published with last James Brown photos, cover site of Insight News, Minneapolis USA, January 8, 2007
  • 1/12 winner ("December") of the international art competition
  • Art Periscope Art Calendar 2007, Poland

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