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African Art - The Symbolic and Philosophical Importance of Duality in Yoruba Art
Duality has a significant symbolic and philosophical importance in Yoruba art. In this article I will investigate this importance further by concentrating on the manifestation of duality in two specific Yoruba cults ...read more

South African Art - A Critical Assessment of Literature on Black South African Artists
In this article I aim to evaluate the available literature on black artists of South Africa. I will be taking a closer look at three specific books to illustrate the shortcomings and ideological biases that are often evident in literature on black South African artists ...read more

Glossary of Astrophysics and Astronomy Terminology
A glossary of Astrophysics terms used in this web site with a short explanation of each ... read more

Protect yourself against fraud attempts and scams aimed at artists
Although advertising you art on the internet is an excellent way to expose your art to millions of prospective buyers it also opens one up to attempts of fraud and scams ...read more




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