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Archive of Previous Art Exhibitions in South Africa - Closed October 2011

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Peter Gray Exhibition
Date: 2nd October- 22nd October
Venue: The Cape Gallery, 60 CHURCH STREET CAPE TOWN 8001,
TEL: +27 21 4235309, FAX: +27 21 424906
Peter Gray is an artist of forty years standing.
In this time he has received on-going local and international recognition.

5 October
Venue: Erdmann Contemporary, 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town 8001
T. +72 (0) 21 422 2762 , F. +72 (0) 21 422 3278 , www.erdmanncontemporary.co.za , photogallery@mweb.co.za
Marilena Vita is an Italian photographer and performance artist. Her exhibition, Somewhere on the other side, offers insight into her own life and art's philosophy.  Her photographic and video work re-interprets the complex living condition of the modern-day person.

Group Exhibition
Date: 11 September - 1 October
Venue: The Cape Gallery, 60 CHURCH STREET CAPE TOWN 8001,
TEL: +27 21 4235309, FAX: +27 21 424906
New sights, sensations and experiences give zest to their creative life and a sense of well-being.  Geoff Price, John Robert, Adolfo McQue & Louis Ströh van der Walt have travelled and have each, in their own manner, explored the shifting light of the ever-changing South African landscape.  They choose to depict what is significant to them, that which arrests their eye.


HORSE - Multiple Views of a Singular Beast
Date: 8 September - 30 October
Venue: The Everard Read Gallery 
6 Jellicoe Avenue • Rosebank  • Johannesburg • 2196 • South Africa
Private Bag 5 • Parklands • 2121 • South Africa
Tel +27 (0)11 788-4805  Fax +27 (0)11 788-5914

Countermeasures - Mary Wafer
Date: 15 September - 23 October
Venue: David Krut Projects, 140 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, Johannesburg
T +27 (0)11 447 0627  ,  taryn@davidkrut.com , www.davidkrutpublishing.com 
Wafer’s new prints and paintings crystallise many of the interests evident in earlier works that draw on images related to the architecture of movement and transport. In these, her references to alienating peripheral structures, such as freeways, bridges and highway underpasses, suggest exclusion and marginality in relation to space. The new works extend and intensify these concerns, making their sense of unease more provocatively interior.

Ambivalence Threshold - Daandrey Steyn
Date: 5 till 7 October
Venue: Fried Contemporary Art Gallery & Studio, Pretoria, South Africa
t: +27 12 3460158, info@friedcontemporary.com, www.friedcontemporary.com
Ambivalence entails living with contradictory views or emotions. Ambivalence creates the space for both these contradictions to co-inhabit an individual simultaneously.

'People On The Edge' by Lettie Gardiner
25 September - 9 October
Venue: The Thompson Gallery 78, 3rd Avenue Melville, Johannesburg
011 482 2039 011 482 9719
www.thompsongallery.co.za info@thompsongallery.co.za

(MAN)NERISMS Louis Olivier
Date: 3 September - 1 October
Venue: Artspace Chester Court 142 Jan Smuts Avenue Parkwood 2193
Tel +27 (0) 11 880 8802  Fax +27 (0) 86 649 8551
Mobile +27 (0) 82 651 47 02
Email artspace@wol.co.za
Hours Tues to Fri 10h00 - 17h30 Sat 10h00 - 15h30
Using the body as a platform, the artist debates the truth(s) about man,
his relationship to his fellow man, his surroundings, his own physicality, spirituality and consciousness



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