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Tanja Brnic - South African Artist - Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Pencil Drawings

south african artist Tanja Brnic oil paintings

south african artist Tanja Brnic oil paintings

south african artist Tanja Brnic oil paintings

south african artist Tanja Brnic oil paintings

Tanja Brnic

Media - Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Pencil Drawings
Website - www.artytech.co.za
Email - artytech@gmail.com

Tanja Brnic is a first generation Bosnian/Slovenian/South African. Born on the 5th of April at the Joburg Gen. Moving to Croatia at a young age gave her a sense of deep rooted
Roman Catholicism/Culture. Not forgeting a love for Turkish coffee and Cheese Burek.

Always curious about the quirky side of nature even from an early age Tanja showed interest in sketching her immediate surroundings. Being constantly on the move has instilled a multi faceted nature of all things worldly. Moving back to SA at the age of 12 and gaining a Certificate of Excellence in Art upon graduating from School planted a seedling of things
to come.

At this time her Artistic ability was explored and curiosity fulfilled. Growing especially fond of Van Gogh's dedication and persistence to his craft. His constant struggle against inner turmoil. Van Gogh's record of only ever selling one painting however did not sit well with Tanja's parents.They insisted she pursue a "real" profession which became Architecture
(mainly due to hours spent playing on construction sites in the pre-war Croatia). This training enrooted her with a strong discipline of accuracy and detailing, which can be seen in some of her latest body of work entitled: Jozi-the Journey.

Growing up in Berea in the early 90's also left an impact, which she has decided to explore in this her latest body of works. Memories of walking to Ponty to pay bills or picking up post at the base of the Hillbrow tower are fresh in her mind. So too commuting via buses in the city centre throughout her schooling years.

Under the watchful eye and encouragement of artist Johan Conradie (UNISA) and the ArtPapa group Tanja gained confidence to pursue her passion in painting and drawing once again. Johan's instilling lesson of only ever capture "what you see" rang a bell and has remained in her though process
ever since. Using the camera as a tool in capturing every day scenes around Johannesburg and reproducing this on Canvas is a journey in itself. Fond childhood memories of times gone by reflected at a quick glance of the city as we buzz busily by in our cars on the M and N 1's.

The recent regeneration of the inner city brings joy and hope to many South Africans that grew up in and amongst the towering beauties which form the skyline of Joburg.

"My work is very labour intensive and in this way therapeutic at times, there is a lot of construction work that happens before the brush even touches the canvas".

Tanja is currently exhibiting at Artists under the Sun (Zoo Lake-Jhb- 1st weekend of each month).

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