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Africa is a blessed continent. It has rich cultures, hundreds of languages, fantastic music, wildlife, arts and crafts, and much more. The internet, technology, and electronic devices have all contributed to our having access to the fantastic and fun stuff.

We can communicate with people from the comfort of our homes. We can enjoy fun casino games on intriguing gambling platforms such as Play Amo. We can also learn about art and culture on several websites. Africa is home to some of the most beautiful art galleries. Here is a list of African countries with fantastic art galleries. Enjoy!

Fascinating Art Galleries in Africa

Goodman Gallery – South Africa

South Africa is home to one of the best and oldest galleries. The Goodman Gallery was established in 1966 by Linda Givon. Today, Liza Essers manages the gallery. It is currently the most extensive gallery in the country and has branches in Johannesburg, Capetown, and London.

The objective of Goodman Gallery is to showcase crafts that promote social change that confronts subconscious power structures. The gallery stays faithful to its aim as most of its art focuses on the apartheid era.

Some famous artists’ works Goodman Gallery has showcased include William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa, David Goldblatt, and David Koloane.

Omenka Gallery – Nigeria

Omenka Gallery is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It shines a light on both established and emerging Nigerian artists. The gallery has a publication program and has participated in over 30 exhibitions.

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Some of the gallery’s creative team members include Cedric Nunn, Ima Mfon, Duke Asidere, and Abbas Kelani. Their works are primarily on contemporary art.

First Floor Gallery – Zimbabwe

First Floor Gallery is located in the country’s capital city Harare. It was established in 2009 by Valerie Kabov and Marcus Gora. It showcases visual artistic works, fine arts, poetry, and music.

The gallery is committed to reaching out to young talents and giving them a platform to showcase their crafts.

Zoma Contemporary Art Center – Ethiopia

Established in 2002, Zoma Contemporary Art Center is a modern gallery that showcases the works of Ethiopian and international artists. The center’s building is environmentally friendly and was built with mud and stones.

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The gallery operates daily except on Fridays. It has two locations in the country, Harla and Addis Ababa. In addition, it sometimes hosts performing artists to celebrate art and showcase their talents.

Zamalek Art Gallery, Egypt

Zamalek art gallery is one of the most extensive galleries in Africa. It showcases some of the most beautiful Arabian arts and supports established and upcoming artists of Arab arts. It also celebrates other art forms and has organized more than ten exhibitions.

Banana Hill Art Gallery, Kenya

This art gallery was established in 2006 by Shine Tani. It is one of the best art sources on the continent. It celebrates and showcases local art and has a variety of art pieces. Banana Hill Art Gallery has showcased the sculptures and art of at least 70 artists. It is committed to celebrating African art.


There are so many art galleries in Africa that showcase a diversity of art forms and celebrate artists. You can visit any of these galleries in any of these countries.

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