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Contemporary South African Artists Beginning With The Letter " E "

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South African artists with surnames beginning with " E "

EHLERS Lydia - South African Artist, Oil Painting, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Born 1980 in Gauteng. Love painting with oil, acrylics or use any materials such as beads or seeds to create a picture - the horizon is endless!  Always paints Nature, Animals, Faces in particular, Fantacy & Abstract...

EKSTEEN Corne - South African Artist, Oil Painting, Mixed Media
Corne was born in Zastron, a small rural community in the south eastern free sate province of South Africa on October 6, 1973. Having spent most of his childhood in Ladybrand, a small cosmopolitan town on the border with Lesotho, he moved to pretoria after completing high school to study Fine art at the University of pretoria...

ERASMUS Diane - South African Artist, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings
My approach to colour is both vivid and atmospheric with a generally impressionistic feel. The paintings are composed with a view to their specific compositional needs and requirements. I paint in oils and acrylics on stretched canvas. Painting for me is not only a powerful form of self-expression, but also a very important means of communicating both visually and spiritually with those who are exposed to my work...

ERASMUS Lyn - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
I am Lyn Erasmus and I am inspired by nature to paint bright colours.My one of a kind exclusive paintings are created to bring joy and happiness into your life...

EVANS Martin - South African Artist, Oil Paintings
Martin Evans has been painting for more than 18 years focusing on the French Impressionist style of painting. From a young age Martin showed interest in art and enjoyed pencil drawings during his school years. No formal art training was received but the urge to paint peeked during his university years during the completion of his business studies. This strong desire to be creative with a brush let him to take up oil painting classes. This was the birth of more than just a hobby, it become his passion and great love...



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